Happenings at the Center: April 11, 2016

driveway-treesAs I write this, we are awaiting our delivery of recycled glass – all 15 yards of it. We will be using the class which has been pulverized to less than one-quarter inch and heat treated so that there are no sharp edges. Believe me, I tested it…the recycler uses it on their driveway and I ran all over that place – barefoot to make sure it doesn’t cut and that their claim is true. It was a big expense up front, but now we will have it here to work with.

Mr. Sam has been busy the last two days rototilling the Garden of Giving. We found out at Thompson Falls Beautification Days that the local food banks *DO* take fresh produce so we will be contributing to them as well. We have also started more plants for the garden. We have 35 tomatoes, and the cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli are all started in flats and sitting in the sun in the pantry waiting to pop up in a few weeks. The poppies and pansies we started a week ago are starting to pop up and we expect the peppers to be showing us their sprouts in another week to two weeks.

The daffodils that we found last week are blooming like crazy and are absolutely beautiful. We have enjoyed the special blessing they bring. We will be getting the roses for the rose garden tomorrow and should have it completed by the end of the week. I have been working on raking out the bark from around the house to get the bed ready to receive the chipped marble and glass we plan on replacing it with.

Mr. Sam and I had fun at the Thompson Falls Beautification Days. On Thursday we helped rake up a bunch of leaves and did some pruning and cleaning of one of the rose gardens. Then, on Saturday, it was back to work on the community trail system. We met some awesome people (which we always seem to do when we volunteer), and we got to see some more of the special jewels the trials have to show. We truly live in an amazingly beautiful place.

We are still working on getting ready for our Grand Opening on May 2nd. It will be easier for you to find us as the signs have been put up so you can see where we are, and a lot of cleaning up around the entrance needed to be done too. We are looking forward to our Grand Opening to show the local community what we have to offer.

Its time to get outside and rake up some more of that bark! Then I have to attack the tire we plan on using for the strawberry bed! . Our Garden of Giving is truly well on its way! If you would like to donate to our Garden of Giving (we grow the food to give away to needy families in the area) you can do so with the green button below