back-house-viewWe have been blessed with some beautiful spring weather and have been doing our best to make good use of it while it lasted. We have been working hard at outside tasks and we are getting ahead of the game. Most of the past week has been involved in removing years old bark mulch from around the house. It has been hard work, but rewarding. The grounds are starting to look better and better every day! We are getting things spruced up for the Open House/Grand Opening on May 2nd.

Getting ready for the open house is keeping us busy. The key fobs and room signs have been finished and the room signs will be going up shortly. There are lists of lists of things to do, but slowly but surely they are being accomplished. The biggest and best news is that the crushed glass is here. All 15 yards of it and we have probably already spread a couple of yards worth of the material and cannot wait to see it when the sand has washed off a little and the sun hits it.

Hard work does pay off. Living close to the Forest Service roads that go by some awesome slopes of rock we have been able to get some great rock to use as accents in the beds around the house. Some of the rocks are striped, some have moss growing on them, and some are shot with veins of quartz. We figure we have a couple more rock hunting missions and we’ll have most of the work done.

A contractor has been found to help us turn the glade into a nice ceremonial area, but we will have to wait until fall before that project it tackled. Heavy equipment would just tear everything up as wet as it is now. So, it’s on the calendar to call in September and get some of the heavy work done. In the glade we are only having him level it off so that we can put in a greensward and ceremonial area.

Garden of Giving update! The poppies, pansies and peppers are all up; tomatoes are up; cabbages are up; Brussels sprouts are up; and broccoli is up. This evening we’ll be starting seeds for the melons, cauliflower, another strain of Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, and summer squash. There’s also the transplanting up that needs to be done in the next few days. The garden area itself is coming together nicely. Mr. Sam has been able to get all the tilling done and has two of the three heavy duty posts to hold up the deer fencing already in place.

Our next big project for the garden will be to finish constructing the raised beds. Then there is the cleaning the tires to use them for planters project. We have quite a few tires, and will be getting more in the next few weeks to use as raised beds around the outer edge of the garden. The tires make perfect raised beds. The tires in the Garden of Giving will be painted with mis-matched exterior latex paint, so it ought to be bright and cheery. Thanks to all of you who have taken time to give to our efforts to help feed needy families. If you haven’t had the opportunity to donate, you can check out our Garden of Giving’s GoFundMe page.  Hope that those of you that garden, please consider an extra row of whatever for your local food bank or food charity.

Better get back to work at raking!

In Service,

Dr. Nikki