river-viewThe beautiful spring weather has given way to a few days of damp weather and rain. The creek has been going through its normal cycle of rising and falling, and the algae has been washed out of the side pools. The water runs freely through the alder grove, cutting new paths as it finds soft spots in last year’s banks. The fish has been active on the pond, rarely do we go down and not see one breaking the surface to feed.

The yard work has continued and we are almost ready on the outside for the big Grand Opening on May 2nd. This week will have us sprucing up the inside and getting final preparations done so that the Grand Opening is the fun affair we hope it to be. We will be having some refreshments, a tour of the grounds, and will be doing a presentation about who we are and what we are about. We are looking forward to sharing who we are to our new neighbors.

The blessings continue to arrive! This week we found a true delicacy growing on the property. We have a nice stand of morel mushrooms growing! Mr. Sam enjoyed some the night before last with dinner. A lovely blessing indeed. We also had a blessing that was kind of sad. We have had elk around the property for a couple of weeks now and one got hit right in front of our driveway. Here in Montana you can salvage and we were able to get in contact with some folks who came and picked up the carcass and taking it to a local food bank.

The Garden of Giving (GoFundMe page) is coming along nicely. Mr. Sam has one more fencepost to place and then we’ll be putting up the fence, hauling in the raised beds and generally getting a lot of gardening done. We have transplanted the tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, and broccoli and I started the squash seeds the day before yesterday. The flowers we are starting from seed are starting to come through. The red poppies and black poppies are seem to be doing well, and the pansies are really starting to pop up. The foxglove is coming along nicely as well.

The gardens around the house are coming along nicely. We’ve been able to remove years of needles and pinecones from underneath several of the trees. We’ve re-worked the rock that surrounded them and have dressed them up with a new mulch of crushed glass (that has been spun the wear down sharp edges). We planted the peonies and the one peony that was here before is coming in nicely. The lilacs look much better having received a good weeding, trim back and glass mulch.

We look forward to hosting our friends and neighbors at our Grand Opening/Open House on May 2nd from 3 to 6pm! My next post will hopefully have some pictures of all the upgrades to share with you!