Happenings At the Center Dateline April 4, 2016

Roomsandgrounds930 076The big countdown to our Grand Opening for our friends here in the area is on! We’ve been busy busy busy getting things ready. We have had some lovely weather the past few days and have been able to make good use of it. The pond has received quite a bit of attention and we have pulled out several hundred pounds of mille-foile pond weed. While it is a bit of a back-breaking chore, there are gifts just the same. We have had fun watching the fish and the frogs in the pond when we were taking our breaks.

Spring means it is time to trim up and clean up all the duff that has fallen from the trees over the winter. That process was started yesterday afternoon. The grove by the tree house (an amazing place for meditation) was first on the list and we cleared out eight cartloads of duff, sticks, pinecones and pine needles. It will take us a while to get around the entire yard, but we will get there. The marble-chip rock is here and ready to be spread around the house. We have rain today so we are working on inside chores. However, as soon as the weather clears we will be up pulling up bark mulch from around the house and replacing it with a combination of marble chips and pulverized recycled glass.

Except for the roses and putting in new mulch, the rose garden is finished. It has been quite the labor of love to refurbish the side garden. It had been several years since the flower garden had received any attention and it needed a complete overhaul. The old mulch has been raked out, the rocks have been restabilized, new rock has been placed as a barrier, we’ve weeded, conditioned the soil, turned it, and now we are ready to plant roses. We will be getting the roses next week on our run to town and will be planting them as soon as possible.

The rototiller is reserved and we are going to be doing the rotor-tilling in the garden upcoming on Sunday and Monday. The old boards have been pulled the area has been thatched. We will be raking it out on Saturday to make sure it is ready to be turned. Then the true work really begins. We have numerous tires that we have to wash and paint. We have the raised beds to build and put in place, the fencing put up, the pop-up put up as part of the fencing.

However, some of the fun part of gardening has begun as well. We have four flats of seeds started: peppers, pansies and poppies are all planted in starter domes and sitting in a window with great southern exposure and sun. We also have two hops plants, two peonies, onion sets, and strawberry plants ready to go in the ground when we have it ready to receive. Another of the big projects we have to finish is getting the strawberry bed ready to receive. We have an old tractor tire that is going to make a wonderful strawberry bed – once we get the rim out of it. We have one side released, now it is time to flip it over and attack from the other side. Our Garden of Giving is truly well on its way! If you would like to donate to our Garden of Giving (we grow the food to give away to needy families in the area) you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/Garden