cabin-pond-facing-pond-02Spring is working hard to push back the snows of winter – but the snow still pushes back a little. Today we are enjoying a light winter snow. Most of it is melting as soon as it hits the ground, yet still adds a lovely dusting to the tree branches. However, the warm weather (temps are scheduled to be in the mid-40s this afternoon) seems to be showing us that spring will be here and that little woodchuck was right –winter is almost over!

The creek has been rising and falling with the rains and snow melt. The flow is clearing out the slew and the pond is getting a nice clear out with the spring flows as well. The alder bottoms are soaking up the water and the trees are looking very happy and loving all the water. It never ceases to amaze how nature renews itself. The raised water levels have quickly cleared out last year’s algae growth and detritus, leaving the water beautifully crystal clear. The garden is coming along nicely! We have it measured out and the final dimensions will be approximately 110 feet long by 27 feet wide. Mr. Sam is starting to put together the raised beds to be placed in the garden when it is ready. The old beds need to be completely taken out and replaced. Once we get those out it is will be time for rotor tilling! There is still a lot of work to do and we are still working on fundraising to cover costs. If you would like to donate to our Garden of Giving, we would be ever so grateful – and you’ll be helping to feed needy families too!!! We have a campaign for fundraising on

We have found another jewel. While walking along the creek yesterday we found a small alder grove surrounding a raised bench. Within just a few feet of the creek, the bench is going to be a great place for nature meditation or even a small wedding ceremony. By facing to the east from the grove, you have a great view of sunrise and by facing to the west, there is a fantastic sunset view. We have had to pull in the bird feeders. The bears are waking up early this year and have already been spotted in a neighborhood about five miles down the road. It has been fun watching the stellar jays, camp robber jays, jockos, chickadees and squirrels up by the porch, but with the bears waking up safety says we have to pull in the bird feeders.

One final comment – deer, deer, deer! Apparently, the front area is a bedding down place for the local deer. Mr. Sam scared up over a dozen on the way from the house to the shop last night. This morning there were eight out in the back yard. Deer watching is a great way to spend the time while waiting for the tea water to boil.