meadow-02It has been a very busy week here at Black Rose Spiritual Retreat Center. The sun is giving us the blessing of warmth and melted snow! The creek has risen and fallen several times in the past month and is settling down into its normal spring run. The grass is already starting to turn green in the yard around the Main Hall, and spring has arrived in all her splendor.

This past weekend we were able to take on a massive project and get most of it taken care of. The alders down on the far side of the pond were in need of some attention. A few members came up for the weekend and with their erstwhile help we were able to get a lot of work done. Almost all the alders on the far side of the pone are thinned – the dead ones pulled, dead branches taken down and everything hauled over to the burn pile.

Mr. Sam has been able to get outside a bit now that the sun has chased away the winter clouds and has been using his time working on the grounds. He has been able to get some food on the lawn and start clearing up flowerbeds. He pulled out an old tractor tire that once we get the rim off we will be putting to dual duty. The rim will make an awesome small firepit for the upper area, and the tire itself appearsnlike it will make a phenomenal strawberry patch in the garden.

Garden planning moves apace. Mr. Sam will be renting a rotortiller to prep the garden area before we put in the raised beds and get ready for spring planting. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be working on the garden by starting seeds for spring planting. We have melons, peppers and tomatoes especially that do better with a head start. If you would like to donate to our Garden of Giving (we grow the food to give away to needy families in the area) you can do so here:

We are pleased to announce our official GRAND OPENING! May 2, 2016 we will be hosting the local community and those who choose to visit for our Grand Opening. May also sees the beginning of the Bardics at Black Rose! We are so excited to be moving forward and creating a space for folks to rest, relax and rejuvenate as they unplug, unwind and uplift.

Our Nature’s Blessing this week? We walked down to the creek yesterday afternoon and saw an entire herd of elk between the pond and the creek proper. It was amazing! We were so close and there were so many that when they finally spooked and took off, it was a thundering roar of hooves! Oh, the blessings we receive here!