Happenings At The Center Dateline – March 30, 2016

We have been working towards our upcoming Grand Opening on May 2, 2016.

There always seems to be 1,001 things that havhouse-for-sale-pice to be done for a grand opening. However, we are sure it is going to be fantastic. We are planning for some light refreshments and tours of the grounds as well as a presentation of what we are planning for the future. We are so excited to be sharing our Spiritual Retreat Center with both the local and extended community.

The rose garden is nearly ready to receive roses! Once completed it will be a lovely backdrop for weddings! It has been several days of labor from both of us, but will create the perfect place for a garden of different types of roses. We will be getting the roses early in April and after they are planted the bed will get a mulch of white marble chips and pulverized glass. There were a bunch of rocks off to the side of the property and we moved several cart loads of them to the rose garden as a lower edge border.

The Garden of Giving is starting to shape up. The external parameters have been marked, and the old boards have been removed. Next will be tilling, and then putting in the raised beds and tires (oh! We got miss-mixed exterior latex on sale at $10 a gallon). Finally will be filling the raised beds with dirt ready and get the beds ready to be planted. Today we did our first flats for starting seeds – the peppers (Anaheim, sweet banana, sweet gold colossal, and sweet gold) are started, so are the poppies (black peony and grand scarletts) and the pansies (whoppers and coastal mix). We have received the strawberries, peonies, onions, garlic and hops and have them in cool storage until we are ready to plant them.

Mr. Sam has been working on a dual project. He is almost done turning an old tractor tire and wheel into a firepit and, bonus points, an utterly awesome strawberry bed for the garden. Of course we’ll be putting a lot of fill in it under the dirt for the strawberries, but it will work wonderfully. We are having to do container gardening, the critter quotient here is rather high – having the strawberries high up will help to keep the berries safe from the critters. If you would like to donate to our Garden of Giving (we grow the food to give away to needy families in the area) you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/Garden

Our Nature’s Gift this week? The deer and elk are everywhere! The snowline is only a few hundred feet above us right now so we have small herds of deer bedding down in the yard. Last night Mr. Sam lost count after a full dozen…just between the Main Hall and the Shop. The elk have been down by the pond and cabin several mornings this week…the thunder from their hooves is a humbling experience and an unforgettable feeling!