creek-01Spring is arriving! The sun is rising higher in the sky every day and the melt is well on its way to releasing the last of winter’s grip on the valley. The past couple of days we have had a small flock of jockos flitting around the house and back yard and it is so fun to watch their antics. They and the chickadees seem to be having a very good time with the warmer weather.

The jockos have really been attracted to the area we are prepping for the rose garden. The flower garden area has not received a lot of attention in the past couple of years and it is where we have started our serious prep work. It was overgrown weed congested, and bark mulch that was years old and just lucky in some places.

Now it is a totally different story! We have given the rose garden the attention it needed this past week. The mucky mulch is gone, the weeds have been pulled, and yards of grass roots have been pulled, shrubs and the few remaining roses have been pruned, and the area is ready to receive some much-needed new dirt, food, and, when the weather warms a little more, the garden needs to be replanted. We are so looking forward to finishing with a ground cover of white rock and the pulverized glass. With the improvements, we are sure the rose garden will be a lovely backdrop for meditation or ceremony.

The creek has gone down from its high stage of last week. The clarity of the water in the pond and stream is amazing. It is fun to watch the brook trout quickly darting from shadow to shadow, or darting among the mille foile. They feel/hear us coming as we approach the side stream and just dart for cover.

The pond has returned to its normal level and is beautifully clear with the flow-through working just the way it is supposed to. The creek will rise and fall a few times, continuing to do Mother Nature’s work and clear out the water courses; creating clarity in the water that allows you to watch the fish.

We have been seeing more wildlife in the past week. We have seen lots of sign of elk down by the creek and last night on the way to dinner there were over 80 elk between us and our destination. The deer, who have been solo or in small groups of two or three, are now gathering into larger groupings. This morning there were six just out in the back yard area. It is a peaceful thing to sit and drink your tea in the morning while watching deer meander through the yard, nibbling at the new grasses. The number of deer have reminded us that we need to get posts for the garden fencing…with this many deer in the area a good fence is going to be a must. With it being our first year to create the Garden of Giving there are lots of expenses getting the vegetable garden area up to snuff. We have the first load of tires (15) here and ready to be cleaned and painted as soon as weather allows. Our local Tires Plus is giving us the tires for free. Tires are a great environmentally friendly way to container garden and it keeps the tires out of the landfill.

Every day we are amazed and thankful that we are able to offer a place of such beauty and serenity for seekers to rest, relax and rejuvenate. In our over-mediacated society, it is sometimes difficult to find a way to step back from the hectic pace and find the peace and serenity that allows us to unplug and uplift our spiritual nature. We look forward to hosting you at one of our retreats.