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Here is where you’ll find more about the rune of fertility –
Inguz energy is the limitless energy of
the seed.  Whether it is the seed of an
idea, or the seed of planting, the
energy held within the small kernel of a
seed is boundless.  It truly is from the
tiny acorn that the mighty oak does
grow.  The longest journey is started
with the first step.  Inguz is the
energy of beginnings and new births.

Inguz is another of those Runes that
does not have a reversed connotation.
He hits you right between the eyes.  Inguz is
epitomized by the phrase “life finds a way.”  If
you haven’t learned your lessons by now, this
rune indicates that the lesson is soon upon
you.  Change is in the offing no matter what
you do.  Make your choice and set  your
course, but remember that it takes time for the
energy of a seed to be released.  

Inguz is associated with the planet Venus, and, because of the astral
connection it has a secondary association with the Moon.

Tarot Link:  The Tarot Link to Inguz is the card of Judgment.  Judgment calls
us to accept responsibility for ourselves and our actions.  The ultimate
statement of adulthood.

Color:    Yellow is the color associated with Inguz.  It has actually only been a
short period of time that yellow indicated a coward.  Today we tie yellow
ribbons around trees, doorknobs, and put yellow ribbon magnets on our cars to
show our support in wanting all our fighting men and women to come home
safely.  Lance Armstrong’s stunning victory of beating testicular cancer and
then winning an unprecedented seven cyclings through the Tour de France is
emblematic of Inguz.  To ancient man yellow was the color of the Sun, the
color of gold, the color of the light of fire in the darkness.

Polarity: Inguz with the power of the seed carries both the male and female
polarities.  If both the essence of male and female energy are not held within
the seed, there can be no life.

Healing Property:  Problems associated with the male reproductive organs.

Modern Letter Counterpart:  Inguz is associated with the modern consonants
of N and G.

Special Runic Associations:  Inguz  is the sixth rune in the Cycle of
Initiation.  Inguz speaks of the fertility of new beginnings, of the power of the
universe held in the answer of the seed responding to the warm rays of the sun.

Inguz is said to be the doorway to the astral plane – that place where only the
essence of the true self may travel.  Inguz challenges you to accept the
invitation to go within to be able to see without in a new perspective.  Inguz
speaks of the perspective of manhood.  It talks to us of putting away the things
of childhood and youth and accepting the mantle of responsibility of an adult.  
Inguz challenges us to look to ourselves to see if there is something there that
needs to be changed.  Is there a bad habit that could best be gotten rid of?  
Are you stuck in a rut when all you need do is take a sharp turn to the left or
the right to obtain a new perspective, new energy and a new direction?  Inguz
challenges you to stay your course while connecting with your self.  Remember
to have good times to keep balance.  Inguz is favorable towards vacations and

Inguz - Fertility

Inguz is a member of Tyr’s Aett.

Key Word(s):  Male fertility and energy.  Male healing.  

Element:  Inguz carries the healing element of water.  With water Inguz clears
away the duff, allowing us the clarity to see from a new perspective.
Inguz can be appearing to tell you that you need to make a
change.  Are you holding onto a relationship – romantic or
otherwise – that you really should be letting go?  Are you holding
on to something that you should just let go of?  Are you judging
your successes or failures by another’s benchmark?  

Inguz speaks of the creativity of masculine energy.  It is
masculine energy – the probing heat of the sun that causes the
seed to split as the plant pokes forth to answer the call to
growth.  Inguz is asking you to do the same at some level.  A
forester knows that if there isn’t adequate space between the trees he plants
the forest will choke itself not allowing for the maximum growth potential of the
seedling.  Allow yourself the space to grow.  Accept the changes within you as
you incorporate them in the outside of your world.

Men who receive this rune in their spread can expect the potential of a new
birth in their blood line.  Normally this birth is as close as having a child.  The
child may be a metaphor for a great idea ready to grow over time into full
maturity and splendor. However, don’t expect an immediate compensation.  The
energy of Inguz takes time to develop and grow.  
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