Rune Stones:
To find out about the Rune Mannaz, look here.
Mannaz is considered to represent the
Self.  Normally when this Rune
appears in your casting it indicates a
time to go inside and search for your
true essence. Mannaz asks you to go
inside yourself to seek the true you
within.  It is through the self that we
interact with others.  Mannaz
challenges us to look within ourselves
and see if it is our actions that are
creating the negative situations we find
ourselves in.

Mannaz is a Rune of challenge because it
challenges you, as did the Oracle of Delphi, to
“Know Thyself.”  Although this common
reference is well remembered in today’s culture
as associated with the ancient Oracle, there is
another that is just as important.  Under the
words “Know Thyself” was the phrase “Nothing
in Excess.”  This is another warning of
Element:  The element of air, including higher thoughts and the greater self are
aligned with Mannaz.

Zodiac Sign:  Mannaz is aligned with the Zodiac Sign of the water-bearer,

Tarot Link:  Mannaz is aligned with the Tarot Card of The Magician.  The
Magician represents the power of being able to make what you want happen.  
However, that power can only manifest itself once a true understanding of the
self is achieved.

Polarity:  Mannaz energy is receptive or feminine energy…it is through the
incorporation of the inner self conjoining with the stimuli of our environment that
creates who we are.

Healing Property:  This Rune is believed to hold healing power over the feet or
ankles (the body’s foundation when walking) and is said to be especially helpful
with sprains, strains and pulled tendons.

Modern Letter Counterpart:  Mannaz is most closely associated with the
modern alphabetical letter “M.”

Special Rune Associations:  Mannaz is the 9th rune in the Cycle of Initiation
and brings the aspects of movement and progress to the Cycle.

If Mannaz has appeared in your spread today you have to be willing to ask
yourself a lot of questions.  Something else to keep in mind when Mannaz
appears – if you are in the process of making a major decision or dealing with a
major issue in your life, seek professional advice to help get you through.  The
old adage of “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client” is quite
appropriate..  Part of knowing yourself is to know your personal limits and
capabilities and knowing when to reach out to the greater community of man to
obtain professional advice when you need it.

Although one of the more ancient oracle devices, there have been many
associations assigned to the Runes.  The following associations and points may
help you to more understand the meaning of this Rune.  

Mannaz – The Self

Mannaz, as the self, something that takes some time to reach
and achieve, even though it is always there.

Key Word(s):  The keywords for the Mannaz Rune are “Human Being” which
reminds us not only are we all individuals, but we are all members of a much
larger whole – that of the race of human beings.
Mannaz.  Be careful not to exceed the bounds of reasonableness
whether it is with your emotions, diet, lifestyle, or the ones you

There is a hidden meaning in Mannaz.  If you cut this Rune in
half, you have the construction of the Rune Wunjo.  Wonjo has
long been representative of the human emotion of joy.  Here
Wunjo, who comprises Mannaz, helps to warn us that we have to
pay attention to the self to achieve true joy, but at the same time
we must be aware that by seeking too much personal joy we can
block our own energy flows.  Traveling to the beat of a different drummer is fine
and each should think for themselves, however Mannaz reminds us to connect
with the whole of the human race and our part in it.

Another aspect of Mannaz when it appears is that there is a period of personal
growth and development at hand.  You are being asked to go within to see if
you are holding on to old ways of thinking or being that are no longer in sync
with the essence of who you are as a person and individual.  Mannaz may
indicate challenges coming that will promote personal growth and forward
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