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East – This animal represents the challenges of the spirit that an individual is
facing, has faced, or are yet to occur.  There is usually a message about life
lessons and your own true purpose when one studies the Totem Animal in the
East.  Through challenges of the spirit we continue to hold true to our inner self
and ensure our adherence to our spiritual path.  The animal in the East guides
us to our higher self.  The animal in the East can show us much about ourselves
and our path.  Any who take the spiritual journey need protection and a guide,
this Totem will be just that for you.  If you search for the you within and for
your spiritual essence, this animal helps you connect with your higher self.

South – This is the totem that protects the inner child.  In a sense it holds
your social conscience by reminding you that through humility and judiciously
granted trust an inner innocence can be maintained.  Balanced with your life
experience and personal knowledge, the inner child can survive and continue to
grow and develop.

West – It is to this animal that you should look to discover the essential you –
that inner self so essential to all of us.   Whether we choose to listen to our
inner voice or not is often a challenge and test of our own personal mettle.  This
animal will help to keep you focused.  If you’ve become disconnected from your
own inner voice, studying the habits of your Totem in the West will help you
rediscover that your own inner voice is the best advice you’ll ever hear.  It is
the voice of your heart.  It is the voice of the veritable essence of who you are
and what you know.

North – The direction of the North makes most of us think of cold winters, ice
and snow.  Your animal to the North should be your personal “Jiminny
Cricket.”  The direction of North has been held by many cultures to represent
those who have survived the passage of time as North is associated with
Winter, the last season before rebirth of the new Spring.  From the North we
can learn when it’s time to listen to what others have to say and when it is time
to hold the floor and say our piece.  The North Animal will always give you
aspects to consider you may not have seen on your own.   Finally, those who
have eeked out an existence in the far north truly understand how to be grateful
for each and every blessing that comes their way.

Above – Max Ehrmann said it best:  “You are a child of the Universe, no less
than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.”   The Above totem
animal is the one that will help you stay connected with your place in the
Universe and your connection and interrelationship with all other living things.  
The Above animal also guards the sleeping mind and is considered to be the
guardian of the dream time, allowing you your own personal access to other
planes and/or dimensions.

Below – This is the animal to look to when you need to get yourself centered
again.  If you feel like you are getting off track, tapping into the earth energy
represented by the Below totem animal with help you get back into the right
groove.  Getting to know your Below Totem will help you stay grounded, help
you stay true to your inner self, and give you guidance on your true life path.

Within –  As the name implies, the Within Totem Animal is the keeper of your
most precious and personal space.  The Within Animal shows you how to set
the appropriate boundaries so that only those you choose to have there may
enter into that special place.  Studying the Within Animal will help you to
realize that which truly makes you happy on the most inner levels and how to
achieve it.  Finally, the Within calls to us to stay faithful to that which our inner
voice knows as truth.

Right side – The Right Side Totem represents the masculine side.  It is
your male spirit essence, whether you are male or female.  This totem animal
not only is your male-protector, it is the essence of the Father-protector in some
AmerIndian beliefs.  Along with being a protection, this Totem is where you
will find your masculine virtues of courage, determination and warrior spirit.  
Look to the Totem that is at your Right to ensure you are using your male
energy properly.  Are you allowing those around you to grow as well?  Be sure
to look to the Right to keep your energies balanced.  Honor the warrior within
you by honoring the Totem at your Right.

Left Side - The Left side is the receptive, or female, energy Totem.  This
animal will protect your feminine side (whether you are a man or a woman you
have a feminine side).  Feminine energy is receptive, nurturing energy.  When
wanting to understand yourself and how you act in the emotional realm,
especially in the area of relationships, look to this Totem for guidance.  This
totem also shows you the abundance provided and that all you need do is learn
to accept and receive the abundance at hand.  When you feel bereft and low,
look to this Totem to show you the blessings and bounty you have in your life
but may be missing because you don’t realize it is there.  By doing so you honor
yourself; passing on this energy by nurturing others as indicated by your Totem
contributes to the interconnected forces that intertwine us all.

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Here’s a description of our Totem Spread.
The Totem Spread is an excellent tool for self-
introspection and maybe a good peak at how we see
life and deal with it as well.  Not intended to be a
question answering spread, the Totem Spread is
designed to help you align your outer self with your
inner self.  It also is helpful to know who the totem
animals are that appear in your spread.  If you start
seeing a lot of a certain type of bird or animal it could
well be a message that you shouldn’t ignore.

Totem spreads should only be done very rarely.   This
spread is especially good for personal grounding and
reconnection, self-introspection, and when working
towards achieving your higher self.  Normally it is
recommended that you only have a Totem Spread if
you have just experienced major change (move, career
change, divorce, etc.).  Not
to be taken lightly, a Totem
spread can tell us much
about who we are, what we
truly want, and the direction
in which we are going.

As part of our spirituality
profile, we offer three
Since we are embarking on a new endeavor and essentially a whole new life, we
have done Totem Spreads as part of our Spirituality Profiles so you can not
only learn more about who we are, but also see what the reports looks like.

The Totem Spread is a special layout.  Here is a general description to allow
you to see what the positions mean! When you get a totem spread done you will
be asked if you have a special affinity to an animal, fish, bird, or insect.  This
affinity many times indicates that although you may not be sure why, you have
already been chosen by that being as a carrier of its totem.

The animal positions are as follows:
Right Side-
Left Side-
different reading modalities for you to choose from:

Celtic Animal Totem Spread
AmerIndian Animal Totem Spread
Runes Life Spread
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