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Signs_new-small Zodiac Astrology Reports History: From ancient civilizations such as Babylonia,  across the globe to the Americas and to China and points beyond down to today’s modern astrologer; through the ages men and women have consulted the stars with a myriad of questions. We keep consulting the stars because they give us answers (over 4,000 years of history can’t be all wrong!)

From rulers like Elizabeth I, the Caesars of Rome, and the Emperors of Japan to today’s modern political and financial capitals, the Stars have been consulted to help select the most favorable time for an invasion, a battle, a ceremony, celebration, inauguration and more. If it’s worked for rulers throughout history (remember, Nancy Reagan consulted with an astrologer the entire the Reagan Presidency), why not put it to work for you?

Our reports are professionally charted and constructed just for you! With a wide variety of choices to choose from, you can learn much about yourself and how you relate with the world you live in. The reports presented here are all professionally charted natal reports. This means the main information used to construct the report is your date, time and place of birth. Since these facts about your existence never change, Natal Report astrology is a great way to look inside ourselves and help us understand how we relate to the outer world around us.

Below are complete descriptions of the report types and links to sample reports!