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Journey: Progressions Annual Forecast Chart Upgrade

Journey Progressions

Based on the as above-so below philosophy for the ephemeris moves at a rate that is reflective to one day is equivalent to a year for comparison. This accurate and intensive report can give you concrete and definitive information about the energy flows and patterns coming up for you in Journey Progressions.

Combined with the Annual Forecast Report you are sure to be the one in the know, seeing things develop before others, and can plot your course to your goal with a realistic understanding of how much the outside world will and will not effect that! This report is chock full of information for the time ahead.

Using Transits is long held to be one of the best ways to do predictive astrology. Not designed to tell you that Friday the 23rd is the best day to buy that new pair of shoes, it focuses more on the energy patterns that will be prominent and how you may respond to that.

This is a good “touch base” report to help you gain personal insight and clarity throughout the entire time covered by the report. Written in language that is plain to understand and helps you stay in tune with your personal path it is a great assistant through the year ahead.

**Please Note that the Journey Progressions is an add-on for the Journey Careers Report

Journey Progressions Report

Journey: Progressions
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