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Journey Returns Annual Forecast Report

Journey Returns

If you keep reading the horoscopes in the newspaper and are disappointed because they are so generalized, an annual investment in a Journey Returns Forecast Report could well be the thing for you. The report itself is far cheaper than a year’s subscription to a newspaper! No, the report won’t tell you“beware the Ides of March,” but it does an excellent job of giving you in-depth information about the challenges and rewards that will be coming your way.

The report discusses the planetary movements and how they will affect you in both small and large ways. A great birthday gift for that friend who is looking to tune into their deeper self, or a perfect “spoil me for me” present to yourself, the Journey Returns Annual Forecast Report can help you make your next solar year one that you can navigate with ease and grace because you are aware of challenges so you can prepare for them.

Change is easier if you see it coming and can prepare. Growth is more comfortable when expected. This is a great “forecast” for a year!

We have four levels of this report style available with page lengths ranging from 40-100 pages.

  • Level 1 – The Quick Look (approx. 40 pages) $40.00
  • Level 2 – Looking Deeper (approx. 55 pages) $45.00
  • Level 3 – The Year Unfolds (approx. 70 pages) $60.00
  • Level 4 – The Year Indepth (approx. 90 pages) $75.00

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