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Is it Love? Star Match

Star MatchThe Star Match report is designed to compare the charts of two individuals. By comparing certain aspects of two people’s charts you can garner some great information about how the relationship is going to go. The Star Match chart is designed to not so much tell you “no, he’s/she’s not the one,” so much as it is designed to show the strength and weaknesses of the specific relationship.

No relationship is all sugar and spice. No person is “perfect.” By reviewing a comparison chart, couples can help to avoid many of the pitfalls in a relationship. There are times when no matter how open we believe our eyes to be about a situation we are blind to what is right before us.

The Star Match chart can be an excellent tool to test to see if that is your current situation. Kept in a draw by the bedside it is an excellent tool to help navigate difficult discussions in your relationship! At an average of 30 pages you’ll get plenty of information about how you and your special someone will interact with each other as time goes by.

**Compatibility Charts include a Personal Check-Up Report in addition to the Star Match Compatibility Report for both individuals in the comparison.

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