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The Eighth House: Mysticism

Many astrologers refer to the Eighth House as the House of Transitions. Some who choose to take a more dire interpretation call this the House of Death. However, this is a misnomer, much like the Death Card in the Tarot deck. The Death it speaks of is not the death of the physical body. It speaks more of the death of a situation; the death of an outdated way of thinking; the letting go of that which no longer serves you. So, if you think of “death” in the allegorical context in its representation of change, you can see where lots of positive energies can be capitalized on.

Sex and sexual appetites are ruled here. With stingy Scorpio and patient Pluto ruling this sign we are reminded to keep things in balance. If you want a forecast of how well you will be at garnering your own financial wealth, check here! If you have negative aspect planets it may not be the best of ideas for you to try to do day trading! Related to the essential life force, this House can tell us much about our carnal and physical self and attitude towards sex and money. It’s no sweat if you don’t have any planets here. Scorpio and Pluto lend a fantastic sense of balance to this House!

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