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The Ninth House: Travel

Ninth HouseThe Ninth House is the house of travel. If you want to plan a vacation for yourself, look to the Ninth House planets for ideas. Ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter the Ninth House is one of the mental realms along with the direct association to travel. It is to the Ninth house that one should look for direction. This house is the house that rules our ideals, your dreams. If your sleep is troubled meditation on your 9th House Planets may help identify what is preventing sleep.

It is this house that has control over higher education. If you’re wondering if a post-graduate degree is there for you – or if you’re looking for ways of getting that post-graduate degree because you want it, here in the Ninth house is where you should look. The Ninth House also rules long distance travel and the education (whether intended or no) that comes from travel.

This travel can either be physical (such as the European Tour given to Victorian Age young adults upon completion of their educational studies to teach them about the greather world and “round out” the education) or it can be the more difficult travel within. When wanting to find the path to connect with your inner self, look to the Ninth House to illuminate you back to your inner core self.