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The Second House: Prosperity

Second House

It is through knowing ourselves (the First House) that we can move to the second house, thus entering into the prosperity we can manifest for ourselves. Aligned with the sign of Taurus, Second House rules such aspects of life as possessions and some consider it to rule the area of financial security. It is a definite that the Second House, Ruled by the planet Venus, shows us where and how we appreciate the possessions we have in our lives. Our general attitude towards our partners (romantic especially, but other types of partnership as well) are written in the stars in our Second House.

If you find yourself doing without, You may want to check on the planets that are in your Second House and see what they represent. Another way to make this theory work for you is to look at Taurus and Venus when there are no planets in your House of Prosperity. It should be noted that just because there are no planets in your Second house, it really does not mean that you won’t have love in your life. It just means you should look to the default (ruling planet and/or sign) for additional information. With only 9 planets and 12 Houses, it is literally impossible to have a planet in every house!

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