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The Sixth House: Health

Sixth House

The Sixth House. Feeling a little under the weather? Looking for an activity to put some exercise in your life that you’ll stick with for more than a week? Look at your Sixth House for inspiration and insight to answers to questions like these. The Sixth House is ruled by the constellation or sign of Virgo and the Planet Mercury. Primarily covering the area of health, it also relates to matters concerning the routine work day.

Along with its association with health, those getting ready to go on a diet would do well to consult the Sixth House of their Astrological Chart. It is here the secret to your personal success in a diet lies. You gain insight and the careful student can learn how to maximize natural tendencies to help in achieving a healthier, more physically fit self.

The final area of life that this House holds sway over is that of personal interest; in other words what keeps your synapses firing is active interest. Whether your hobby is being a couch potato (watching TV is a hobby, albeit maybe not the most healthy one), building paper airplanes, or being a member of a recreational organization, it is the energy residing in your Sixth House that holds control over personal hobbies. Hobbies are a great way of keeping our mind alert and normally provides us with personal goals or benchmarks to achieve.

Not having planets in your Sixth House does not doom you to ill health, nor does a large showing of planets guarantee good health. Look to this House, (whether it is the ruling planet, sign, or your personal planets that reside there), when health issues are coming your way. Whether its your child’s soccer season or historical references to women’s shirt waists, this House will help you hone in on areas of interest to you.

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