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The Tenth House: Career

Tenth House

The Tenth House is ruled by the planet Saturn and the sign of the Goat – Capricorn. This house rules our work lives and can give us much information on an appropriate career. Your social aspirations (should you have any) are indicated here as well. Remember that it is okay to desire to achieve, as long as your actions to obtain that achievement are honorable! This House speaks to that aspect of our personalities directly.

Ruling over our aspirations and ambitions in the world of employment, this House can help us understand what role our career truly plays in our lives. Are we making it too important and ignoring those closest to us, or on the other end of the spectrum, are we being shiftless and lackluster in our work performance such that we are soon to be dismissed? Here in the Tenth House is where to look for the answer. Don’t think you’re going to be the wallflower never invited into the boardroom because there are no planets in your Tenth House. If this House sits empty in your Natal Charts, be sure to look at Saturn and Goat to help understand your motivations regarding your social and career ambitions.