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The Third House: Communication

Third House

The Third House. Communication! If you know a chatterbox who just can’t seem to leave quiet space alone, they probably have an overabundance of planets represented in the Third House of the Zodiac. The Third House relates to matters of the extended family. Ruled by the dynamic pairing of Gemini and Mercury, the Third House is much of your personal foundation. It is here you should look to see if your mental attitude is being affected by happenings beyond your control.

It’s in the Third House that a working mother should look to see if now is the time to take a few courses or go back to school, because it is within the Third House that one finds their attitude about school life. The importance of appropriate and proper communication is well displayed in the musical “My Fair Lady.” Taking a “gutter snipe” and turning her into a woman with excellent elocution and deportment shows the duality of nature given by Gemini.

Communication can change our life. Be sure to study your planets in this house (or Mars if none of your planets fall here) so that you can capitalize on the gifts of communication and family!

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