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The Twelfth House: Philosophy

Twelfth House

The Twelfth House is the final house of the Zodiac. The cautions of the Twelfth House are to make sure you are not escaping from life and secluding yourself from the energy of interaction with others. Conversely, are you not allowing time for yourself to enjoy the rewards of inner silence? It is described as the House of Philosophy because it is here you should look for spiritual guidance from the Zodiac. Concerned with faith and institutions, the Twelfth House can tell you much about your connection with your personal belief system. This house also deals with physical institutions such as hospitals or prisons.

The Twelfth House is said to be an indication of the nature of our subconscious. Those that use astrology in conjunction with psychology or psychiatry spend a lot of time looking at the Twelfth House as it is said to hold the key to the root of psychological problems or disorders. Ruled by Pisces and Neptune, the water energy is easy to see. Nor should it go without statement that this House also controls much of how you perceive and interact with the physical world around you. Allow yourself to be receptive to the messages of the planets in your Twelfth House in order to be able to obtain information on connecting with and achieving the higher self.

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