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Jupiter is the first of the gas giants in our solar system. We are still learning more about this beautiful planet from projects such as “Galileo.” Many of us hold memories of awe and wonder as we watched Schumacher-Levy 9 create huge scars larger than our own planet on gaseous Jupiter. There are astronomers who spend their entire lives studying the intricacies of this planet.

Named for the ruler of the Roman Pantheon of Gods, this planet rules the higher thoughts. Jupiter was God of the skies, ruler of the air. For those more familiar with the Greek mythologies – think Zeus. Jupiter rules the intellectual within all of us. This Planet’s placement says much about how you acquire and interpret knowledge.

Your basic philosophies and ideals are represented within Jupiter’s placement in your chart. Also known as the Planet of Blessings, it is strongly aligned with “Lady Luck.” As the God Jupiter was thought by the Romans to be all-powerful, symbolizing the higher virtues of honor, wisdom and acting in good faith the planet which bears his name carries the same admirable traits. Thought to be benevolent to humans it was believed to lend a personal hand in the areas of the worldly essences. Jupiter rules the intellect…knowledge and earnestness.

Power and high positions were also aligned with the God of Gods. It is to Jupiter that you should look for opportunity and effecting positive change. This planet rules how you use the opportunities that life presents to you. Jupiter is the planet of blessings, but it is with the knowledge of the self given to us through the first five planets that we can truly capitalize on the blessings that Jupiter bestows.

The wisdom found in Jupiter is the wisdom of realizing the blessings that are at hand. Beautiful Jupiter will help you be receptive to both the opportunities and blessings life provides.