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Mars, The Red Planet. Sounds like a bad 1950’s science fiction movie, doesn’t it? Man has long postulated about what might be there. It has only been in the most recent past that we have truly come to know this celestial neighbor. Scientists are still analyzing data from the Martian rovers and will be for years to come.

In mythology Mars is the God of War. Worshiped by Warriors to give them strength in battle, worshipped by women who wanted revenge or to win or to simply have her man come home, Mars has been a prominent figure in the night sky and the lives of humans living under its starlit canopy. When you think about the association to war, and by extensions, the soldiers who fight them, the marsfacetraits that Mars rules are easy to remember. First and foremost a warrior must be fit emotionally, physically, and mentally. To be otherwise is to risk the death of yourself or others It’s hard work slinging a sword or an M-16 around, walking all day and then setting up camp only to tear it down in the morning and do it all over again. Physical drive is important to a Warrior. He must be willing to push himself. He must have energy reserves and strength that he can tap when needed – hence he must have a strong physical drive.

During battle many warriors called on their clear, rational, cold and caluculating anger to get them through. The Ber-serkers went “crazy with anger” during the battle – obviously an excess of the principle, but it does make the point. There is considerable research done on the intense primal sexual connection between people who are put in life threatening situations. Mars also speaks to us about our assertiveness in our life and situations.

Mars provides us with the energy to achieve our goals. Look to the Red Planet for finding reserves of energy. It is also here you should look if you are letting things get out of control or balance in your life.