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The Moon has been the Earth’s constant companion for millennia. The great beasts of the Jurassic looked up at this planet probably much larger appearing than it is today. Current science believes the Moon was created in the early days of Earth’s history when the planet was struck by a very large object. Although the definitive creation of the this planet has yet to be proven, it has been a friendly mentor in the night skies since man has walked the earth.

The Moon has a direct effect on our planet. It is the this planet and it’s gravitational effect of the vast watery expanses of our planet that create the ebb and flow of tides. When out, whether a sliver, crescent, quarter, half or full, waxing or waning, it is the primary feature in the night sky. The Moon is the only other celestial object that is sometimes seen easily in the light of day.

The Moon rules the night sky. The nighttime, when we sleep, is associated with the subconscious self. Those innate unconscious habits that make us who we are often understood better when seen by the light of the Moon. This planet is just as constant a companion as the Sun.

The Moon represents that which you know but may not understand. This planet holds the truth of your inner yearnings. The Moon knows the secrets of the subconscious self and it is often in our dreams at night that we “see” the secrets Moon can reveal.

The Moon does not actually produce light of its own. The light we attribute to it is a silvery reflection of the Sun’s golden glow. This is emblematic of one of the Moon’s messages – all may not be as it seems, remember to look below the surface. The Moon also talks about your hunches, intuition and primal instinct. Look to the Moon for a better understanding of your deeper innate self.