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The Sun

SunMany of us don’t even think about the effect of the Sun in our lives except for checking the weather factor (well, you are wearing your SPF sunblock, right?). Sun worship of one type or another was prevalent throughout the ancient world. In ancient Egypt Ra, the God of the Sun was one of the first to be worshipped in a monotheistic manner. This star fills our skies with morning light and gives us hope for the new dawn with the beautiful sunsets it creates as its warming rays of light interact with the atmosphere of our planet.

We can see the effects of the Sun even at night. Anyone who has been awed by the beauty and majesty of the Aurora borealis (Northern lights, which also have a southern counterpart) has seen the effects of solar activity on our atmosphere. The Sun warms us. This star brings forth the green vegetation of the earth. The Sun is, like the element water, a giver of life. A plant turns the sun’s energy into food through photosynthesis. This process creates the base of the food chain for much of life of earth.

The Sun is the closest star to us by an unimaginable amount of space. This star is the anchor of our solar system. It’s heart. This star’s gravity holds the planets in their orbits. The Sun easily knocks out communications when sun spot activity hurls ejecta out into space. It is only the magnetic field of Mother Earth that protects us from the harmful rays. This is also the place  this star holds in Astrology.

The Sun represents the heart of the person. Freud would liken this star to the ego. The Sun can teach us much about who we think we are. It is this star and the energy it provides that grants us our vitality and strength. Its light and warmth are vital to our well being. Over two million Americans a year are treated for the disorder SADS through light therapy with full spectrum lights which best mimic the sun’s natural light. Self-expression, the true revealing of our inner most self, is guided by the Sun.

Studying Sun’s affect on your sign will help you to know where to apply Sun’s ample energy. As it rules the inner self, the one within, studying the Sun in your sign may well help with additional willpower when needed for those tough tasks!

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