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Pluto is currently accepted as the last planet in our solar system. Chiron is still open to debate although many astrologers recognize its influence on a person’s chart. As the outer most astronomically classified actual planet Pluto represents the extremes. (In August 2006 the astronomical community ruled that this planet was technically not a planet, but has been classified as a dwarf planet. However, the astrological community still recognizes the strong impact Pluto’s energies have on someone’s chart.)

Found less than a century ago (1930 by the Lowell Observatory). The first honor of naming the planet was given to the public and the first letter to arrive at the Observatory would name the planet. A young British girl suggested Pluto. In the Roman Pantheon, Pluto was the God of the underworld. By being a planet of extremes this planet exerts pressure at times.

Due to its association with the underworld, Pluto is believed to represent death and birth; the regenerative properties of the universe. The power associated with Pluto can be fierce because of the extremes it can represent. This planet can bring inspiration in a flash of intense clarity and perception, or it can bring the worst that mankind can offer in his baser self.

Pluto speaks of elimination. It is through the cycle of planets that we journey in our lives. This planet reminds us that we must sometimes clean out the attic to make room for new things. Elimination need not be bad, unless of course it is taken to the extremes that Pluto can sometimes represent.

Pluto can challenge you to reach the highest heights or the lowest depths, be sure the choice you make is the one you can live with. The positive and negative side can be exemplified by comparing the brutal despotic dictator to the idealistic democratic leader.

Think of Pluto as your planetary contact lenses. It is through the lens of Pluto’s energy that we perceive the world.