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It wasn’t until recent history that Saturn was surpassed as the planet marking the outer rim from the Sun in our solar system. It was in the 18th Century that the further planets were found. Until that time Saturn was believed to represent the furthest reaches of our solar system.

Saturn was named for Saturnus the astral god of the Romans. Saturnus’ role as a god in the Roman pantheon is solidly earth-based. It is believed that Saturnus was, most scholars believe, an agricultural deity before taking his place among the stars. Saturn, in its most basic form, represents the father-figure. Saturn speaks directly to your personal capabilities in the areas of discipline, responsibility and maintaining personal focus.

Saturn represents the “inner-voice” and your connection to it. Saturn speaks specifically of destiny and fate. Studying Saturn and it’s affects on your signht_saturn may help you prepare for the vagaries of fate. Remember that forewarned is forearmed and by studying this planet’s energy in your chart you can find a way to be able to prepare for good and bad times ahead. Saturn represents the place authority plays in your life and how you react to it. Too much Saturn energy should be avoided because it can make you overly aggressive and ambitious in an unbalanced way. Ambition is not a bad trait when tempered with humanity.

Saturn’s energy reminds us to connect with the inner voice. The voice within that should never be ignored, for to do so is at your own peril. If you find yourself getting stuck in uncomfortable situations, look to Saturn to help you reconnect with the voice within that always has your best interests at heart because it is your inner connection with yourself and the universe as a whole that will answer.

Saturn reminds us through his strong connection that we truly are all star stuff. Even in his transformation from a God of sowing seed to a God of the skies he shows us we should reach for our higher selves.