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UranusUranus is the first of the modern planets. For the predominant amount of man’s history on earth, the planetary orb only went as far as Saturn. The planets at the outer reaches of our solar system needed better scientific instruments to be discovered.

The discovery of new planets allows for further development of the celestial relationship of “as above so below,” giving more depth and breadth to the interpretation of charts. Uranus lends a new attitude to the charts by being able to align a specific focus on individuality. Uranus’ energy helps much to create the way you express yourself.

Dealing with aspects such as originality (the mark of a true individual), and rebelliousness Uranus can be somewhat fickle and unpredictable. Found by Sir William Herschel in 1781, this new planet wasn’t even verified as a planet, a true celestial planetary body, until a year’s careful observation proved the appleage of “Planet” more appropriate. Its name went through several permutations before finally resting with Uranus. At one time it was named for the discoverer himself, and the honor granted Sir Herschel is seen every time you look at the planetary glyph for Uranus.

Uranus can have you marching to the beat of a different drummer and he’s pretty good on that snare! The energy Uranus provides is forward thinking – modern science, invention, revolution all look to Uranus for energy. On the negative side unexpected occurrences and events can be caused by an over-abundance of Uranus’ changeable energy. Uranus calls across the night sky challenging us to accept our individuality as we merge with the mass of humanity.