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Just what the heck is a Zodiac Aspects anyway?

Zodiac Aspects are an important part of plotting and interpreting an astrological chart.

Simply stated the aspects are specific angles between planets in the chart.

The Zodiac is laid out as a circle, with each of the 12 houses representing 30 degrees each.

Zodiac Aspects

When planets are within a certain number of degrees of each other they are said to be in aspect. Here’s a quick explanation of the major aspects in astrology.


conjunctionPlanets are said to be in conjunction when they are within nine degrees of each other.

A conjunction normally indicates that the qualities will combine and soften in a positive way.


sextilesSextiles are planets that are sixty degrees apart. This is considered a positive aspect.

(Remember, 360 divided by six equals 60 – sixty degrees of the circle).


TrinesTrines are another positive aspect and are 120 degrees apart.

(Following the previous example, 360 divided by 3 equals 120 – 120 degrees of the circle).


squaresSquares are more negative in connotation and are in effect when planets are 90 degrees apart.

(Continuing the example, 360 divided by four – a square – equals 90 – 90 degrees or one-quarter of a circle.)


OppositionThe final aspect is that of opposition…those signs that are exactly 180 degrees out from each other, hence the planets are opposite one another in the Zodiac.

It should be noted that while some aspects are listed as positive or negative in energy, that speaks to the type of energy engendered by the aspect rather than the type of effect that energy has. In other words a negative aspect is receptive energy while a positive aspect would be considered masculine energy; not that a negative aspect is “bad” and a positive aspect is “good”.