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The Western Element Air Intellectual

Zodiac signs associated with the Western Element Air are:

Western Element Air is recognized in astrology as being the element associated most with the Intellect.

Western Element Air is the third of the elements. It is introspective and relates to thoughts and intelligence. Air and thought go hand in hand. Look to the think tanks of the world for those with lots of Air energy in their charts. These people are fantastic original thinkers.

Some of the words used to describe a personality with a lot of Air in their chart are that they are great communicators and problem solvers (many Air folks love puzzles as gifts). The person who is always asking “what if” could well be an Air person because they prefer the mental plane.

When we speak we push air through our larynx and mouth in order to form words and communicate. Air is the element of communication. Air is the element that rules the area of the mind. It speaks of intelligence. People with abundant air in their chart are great communicators. Air talks of negotiation and grasping new ideas and ways of thinking. Air talks of rationality and non-emotional application of scientific process.

When one has no Western Element Air in their chart, they may have difficulty in what others perceive as simple tasks such as organization or staying on track. Many times difficulties in communication are a characteristic that troubles those without much Air element. Air people prefer to work with their hands in a manner wherein they create a physical item rather than pursuing career paths that require higher level thinking skills.

Those with a strong appearance of Air in their chart may come across as aloof and uncaring. Their focus is normally on abstract extrapolation, higher level thinking, postulation and problem solving, not emotions and people.

The Western Element Air – Aspects and Meanings