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The Western Element Earth

Zodiac signs associated with the western element earth are:

Western Element Earth is the second element in astrology and is recognized as being the element associated most with the matters of the physical realm.

Some of the words used to describe those with a preponderance of the element Earth are: solid, stable, practicality, industriousness, and strong-willed. Earth is solid and stable, the firmament. Earth is the form of matter.

As a noun we use the word “Earth” interchangeably for both the dirt we stand upon, and the entire planet as a whole. An Earth person is someone you can depend on. Normally when an Earth personality gives their word, you can bet they will follow through.

The earth is the firmament upon which we stand. The earth represents stability and strength of will. Patience combined with industriousness — both emblematic of earth element strengths. With abundant earth energy you are able to secure comfort and sustenance for you and those you care for. Earth energy affords those who have this element strong in their charts the ability to stick with long-term projects to be able to reap the benefits and rewards.

Those that do not have the  Western Element Earth appearing much in their chart may tend to be less concerned with matters of the physical realm. Tending to impracticality and short-range thinking, those with a low Earth element quality in their chart may well have trouble holding onto money…it could well run through their fingertips like water. It is not difficult for those who don’t have a lot of Earth to become impatient as they don’t have the patience to deal with long term projects as they have issues not receiving an immediate gratification.

On the other side of the coin, those who have an abundance of  Western Element Earth in their chart may need to be more aware of tendencies toward being a stick in the mud instead of solid; watch for industriousness that turns into obsession; a strong-will may become dictatorial of others if not monitored and appropriately channeled. Those with a lot of Earth energy tend to be the ones you can count on the most. Earth energy people tend to be the ones you can depend on!