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The Western Element Fire

Western Element Fire

Zodiac signs associated with the Western Element Fire are:

Fire is recognized in astrology as being the element associated most with the Spirit.

Western Element Fire is the first of the elements. It is energetic (sometimes uncontrollable like a wildfire), and lends the qualities of enthusiasm, gregariousness, and passion are all liked to the element of Fire. Those with abundant fire in their charts are sure to be outgoing.

Some of the words used to describe a personality with a lot of Western Element Fire in their chart are: passionate; impulsive, gregarious, enthusiastic, active, energetic and willingness.

Conversely, we must also consider the meanings when one doesn’t have a lot of Western Element Fire in their chart. It’s not a deficit…it’s just who you are. When you have a chart with low fire energy in it normally indicates that it is difficult for you to push yourself to the forefront. You may have absolutely great ideas (especially if you have a lot of Air in your chart) but you aren’t good at presenting them or getting them put into action. Rather than promote yourself aggressively you tend to be passive. People with a few or no Western Element Fire planets tend to be motivated more by things from outside (occurrences, people, interactions, etc.).

Beware an overabundance of fire as that will indicate a perchance for being irresponsibly impulsive! Just as when you step away from the fire you are chilled, you can also be burned if you step to close. Those with a predominant number of Fire Planets are sometimes difficult to keep up with because they are always on the go-go-go. Fire People tend to “burn bright” and like the spotlight! When you have a lot of Fire in your chart passion, enthusiasm and fun are always near at hand.