Discussions, comments and strings regarding all things Tarot. Whether it’s describing the pros and cons of specific decks or how to use them, we’ll be posting about that here!

Wheel of Time Tarot Reading


The Wheel of Time spread is designed to give you a solid look at and lots of information to get your ready for 2014! With a look at all 12 months and a special focus on what your challenges and rewards are, this spread is a must have! Each month looks at work and business, love and partnership, money and material life, trouble and conflict, challenges, and rewards. A final grouping is set to look at the inner you – your center. It is recommended that you tape the Wheel of Time Spread.

This spread is offered only in private chat on Oranum.

You should allow for one hour for a Wheel of Time spread. If you schedule your Wheel of Time in advance you can set it at the REDUCED RATE of 1.99 per minute! Stop in free chat and ask me how!

Walk through the Tarot, Questions & Types of Spreads

Now that we have discussed the cards of the Tarot deck, let’s go over some ways to lay out a reading and how to ask questions appropriately…

Walk through the Tarot, the Suits

Ever wondered what the different cards in the Tarot represent? Join me in the next video of my Walk through the Tarot video series to learn all about the Suit cards!

Walk through the Tarot, the Destiny Cards

We’re halfway through my Walk through the Tarot video series, and I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the videos and picking up some new knowledge! Today’s video: the Destiny cards…

Walk through the Tarot, the Court Cards

I hope you’re enjoying my Walk through the Tarot video series! This is the third in the series: the Court Cards. I’d love to hear back if you’re using this info to use Tarot cards more in your own life!

Walk through the Tarot, cards 6 through 10

I hope you enjoyed the first video in my Walk through the Tarot video series a few days ago! Here’s the second video in the series, cards 6 through 10… Enjoy!

Walk through the Tarot, Ace through 5

It’s tarot time!

Over the next several days I will be sharing a series of videos introducing you to the tarot deck, and I look forward to hearing what you think…

Here’s the first of the series, covering the cards Ace through Five:

What you should know about Tarot!

Oranum Psychic, Love Dr Nikki, shares her more than 40 years of experience as a Psychic in this introductory video to using the cards of the Tarot deck for divination and readings!

Tarot Tuesday


The High Priestess is the third card of the major arcana of Tarot

The High Priestess is the third card of the major arcana of Tarot

No Tarot Today – Saying Goodbye

Earlier this morning as the snow fell gently in the yard my husband received one of those telephone calls that means your life is never going to be the same again.  Following a decline in her health of the past few months, his mother passed away.  It was not unexpected, she had been ill and had been placed in hospice care.  The telephone calls back and forth have been steadily increasing over the past few months with discussions about health and it being up to Mom and it depended on how tired and ready to go she was…those difficult conversations that can either bring a family together or tear it totally apart. 

I am thrilled that I had the honor of meeting this lovely lady a couple of years ago when we made a short trip home for me to meet Sam’s family.   Spry, wry, and a twinkle in her eye, she was well past 80 and full of it as my mother would have said.

She grew up, married a man, had six children they raised together.  While I met her, I really can’t say I knew her and I feel that loss.  But not nearly as much as my husband feels his.  By the time I was 40 both my parents were gone. 

So today, instead of discussing tarot, we’re softly saying goodbye to a wonderful lady who slipped away this morning from the bosom of a loving family who will miss her immensely.