Walk through the Tarot, Questions & Types of Spreads

Now that we have discussed the cards of the Tarot deck, let’s go over some ways to lay out a reading and how to ask questions appropriately…

Walk through the Tarot, the Suits

Ever wondered what the different cards in the Tarot represent? Join me in the next video of my Walk through the Tarot video series to learn all about the Suit cards!

Walk through the Tarot, the Destiny Cards

We’re halfway through my Walk through the Tarot video series, and I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the videos and picking up some new knowledge! Today’s video: the Destiny cards…

Walk through the Tarot, the Court Cards

I hope you’re enjoying my Walk through the Tarot video series! This is the third in the series: the Court Cards. I’d love to hear back if you’re using this info to use Tarot cards more in your own life!

Walk through the Tarot, cards 6 through 10

I hope you enjoyed the first video in my Walk through the Tarot video series a few days ago! Here’s the second video in the series, cards 6 through 10… Enjoy!

Walk through the Tarot, Ace through 5

It’s tarot time!

Over the next several days I will be sharing a series of videos introducing you to the tarot deck, and I look forward to hearing what you think…

Here’s the first of the series, covering the cards Ace through Five:

Behind the Psychic Curtain

Sometimes I hear from clients that they really wish they’d come to me sooner, but they were just too uncertain of what a psychic reading would actually be like. Worried that it might not be ‘for them’. Well, to help allay these fears and to share what it is that I do I filmed a live reading (with my client’s permission of course!)

The ‘Behind the Psychic Curtain’ videos are below for you to watch & enjoy! I sincerely hope that, if you’ve ever wondered what exactly happens when you see a psychic, you’ll take the time to watch 🙂

Walk Through the Runes: Runic Groupings

We hope you have enjoyed Love Dr Nikki at Oranum’s Walk Through the Runes video series as much as we have here at DrNikki.com! This video on Runic Groupings is her last in the series, but don’t worry, there will be more videos coming soon!


Walk Through the Runes: the Love Runes

Another great video from Love Dr Nikki at Oranum! In this episode from her Walk Through the Runes series, Love Dr Nikki goes into the Love Runes- Gebo, Wunjo, Tiewaz, and Sowelu. Learn what each of these Runes can mean for your love life when it shows up in your casting!


Walk Through the Runes: Runes 21-25

Yay, another video from Love Dr Nikki at Oranum! This is the final video where Love Dr Nikki goes over the meanings of the individual runes, next up~ the Love Runes!