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Color: Black Candle

black-candleColor Black is a much aligned and misunderstood color, especially in the realm of candles. Many people have the misconception that Color Black is the color of dark forces and evil. (The bad guy always wore the black hats in the movies… Dracula is dressed in black and red…what color is a witch’s hat?) We have been conditioned in our modern society to associate Black as being the color of evil.

It should be noted that Color Black isn’t actually a color. Black is the absence of all color! This means that Black, as a “void” (having no color) is the ultimate receptive.

Color Black is said to represent the time of “the still of the night” when no insects sing or birds call and even the wind seems to hush. Black represents inertia (being void how can it create movement?). Black is aligned with the element of Water in that it is believed to represent the deepest recesses of the unconscious. A black candle burning has long represented the light that comes out of the darkness.

Color Black candles are considered to have specific meanings when being burned. These candles can be great protection and for leaving behind old sorrows. Focusing on a black candle (remember black is the ultimate in receptive color) can help you see the pitfalls of making the same mistakes over and over again. It can also help to accept the pain of grief and long term partings. Black, as the ultimate in receptive energy, is also the color associated with forgiveness. Due to its receptive nature, Black is a very powerful “color” when considered in candle focus.

Other associations given to the color Black in Candles are: Turning negativity, banishment, closure, and true-seeing.

Planetary Associations: Black is associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn’s stabilizing power brings endurance, stability and patience. It may also signify true material advancement.

Stone Associations: Jet, Black Onyx, Obsidian, and Hematite.

Scent/Incense Associations: The color Black is associated with the scents of juniper, frankincense and/or clove.

Best Day To Burn On: Black’s focus is strongest when used on Saturdays.