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Color: Blue Candle

(All Shades)

The color blue runs a wide range of hues all the way from Barely Blue to Indigo the range of color is actually astounding. Because there is such a wide range available, blue is one of the few colors that is segregated by it’s hue.

Color Blue has long been associated with healers and healing, both of the physical and mental realms. In it’s softer forms the color represents forbearance and endurance, joy and laughter, psychism or psychic power and awareness, understanding, magick used for travel and perfect accord. Healers’ auras are said to be a blue color.

In the modern new age associations the color blue is said to help in the healing of such ailments as burns, cuts, bruises, insomnia, inflammations of skin and mouth, sore throats along with childhood teething pains and rashes. Color Blue is said to also help with lowering high temperatures and high blood pressure. If you are looking to sooth a migraine, it might be helpful to study the colors of blue, violet and indigo in progression.

Color Blue represents the water, the flow of life. It is the color of the West and represents peacefulness, joy and intuition.

One must consider the hue when choosing Color Blue. A lighter blue helps to instill truth, inspiration, wisdom, protection, good health, happiness, understanding, harmony in the home and connection with the Inner Self or Higher Self. A deeper, vivid blue is for happiness, loyalty, the success of a group endeavor. The powers of the occult, expansion and group success are also associated with deeper (Royal) blue. Laughter and joviality are normally associated with Royal Blue.Midnight Blue (also called indigo) is for water, instinct, innovation, dream magick, contemplation, devotion, transformation, and transformation.

Planetary Associations: Blue is associated with the planet Jupiter.

Stone Associations: Use the color blue with stones such as sodalite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, blue lace agate and turquoise.

Scent/Incense Associations: Lavender and lilac, along with the delicate scent of violets are associated for the color blue.

Best Day To Burn On: Thursday is the best day to burn blue candles for the best benefit.