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Color: Brown Candle

Color BrownColor Brown has long been associated with Mother Earth. It is used as an alternative color for the north in many nature based belief systems. Brown truly represents the soul of the earth – the very soil within which the Earth gives forth her bounty of nature. Soil can run from a deep rich dark black (ever seen Mississippi mud?) to a soft tan on the beach sands.

Color Brown is thought to be used in many prayer types, but the primary focus for the color brown is ground, and setting up a strong foundation. As the Earth is the foundation our entire race stands upon, so a brown candle can help your meditative or prayer focus in the area of grounding and establishing a solid foundation beneath you spiritually.

Color Brown is said to be ruled by Saturn, Old Father Time, thegod(s) of fate and the turning of life’s wheel as time passes. Other areas that brown candles can be of assistance in bringing focus are personal balance, communing with nature, connection with the conscious mind, tenacity, achieving success through hard work, money or financial matters, or matters of personal security.

As Color Brown is linked to Mother Earth and the tangible world that represents, it is a great color to use when prayer for lost objects are needed. It is especially helpful in practical matters around the home and family. It can bring additional insight to matters relating to older persons or pets. When wanting to develop more confidence in oneself, meditating with a brown candle can be quite beneficial.

Color Brown can flow in both the masculine and feminine (or ying/yan) energy paths because it has both male (Saturn) and female (Mother Earth) alignments. A naturally nurturing color, it helps to promote such attributes as maternal care, instinct, and accepting others for whom they are. (Yes, Brown would be a good color to meditate on when trying to be patient with that irritating co-worker.)

Planetary Associations: Brown is associated with the planet Earth. As another color for Mother Earth, brown candles make a strong appearance in Earth based religions.

Scent/Incense Associations: Brown is associated with the following scents: Honeysuckle, patchouli, and vervain.

Stone Associations: Brown candles are great to use in meditation with tiger’s eye, fossilized wood, brown and banded agates, and brown jasper.

Best Day To Burn On: Brown’s focus is at it’s strongest on Saturdays.