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Color: Gold Candle

Color Gold both as a stone and as a color has been venerated by man for eons. Burials thousands of years old contain beautifully crafted gold worked into fantastic masks, cloaks, shoes and personal items.

Associated with strong masculine Gods such as the Egyptian God Ra, the Roman God Apollo, and most other higher echelon deities, many others, gold is essential a masculine energy color, the probing nature of the color gold is easy to identify in the reflections this color can create. Gold has long been associated with the inner power and masculine traits of leadership, probing power, and connection with the universal fraternal.

Color Gold is said to hold the most influence with matters such as mental power, development of the individual’s talents and skills at a deep personal level, power, leadership, self-realization, focusing of one’s inner power and talents. Practitioners of Fire Magick use gold extensively. Gold is indicative of victory, luck and originality within the individual.

Color Gold has long been held the single most powerful healing color of all. Many traditional shamanistic cultures utilize gold as a healing substance. In regard to health, Gold has long been associated with the aspects of long life and immortality. Many wear gold as a ward against ill health, or to help them feel better physically. Some cultures promote the eating of gold for good health. Burning a gold candle while praying for the sick is said to strengthen the healing prayers.

Color Gold is said to bring immediate returns in financial endeavors that are outside of your control. For example, if you want to use candle burning to help put positive energy into your financial portfolio, burning a gold candle would be perfect. The direct link to financial benefit is evident when looking at man’s long appreciation of the metal gold. Merchants wanting to benefit from their inventory and those with large items for sale (houses, cars, etc.) would do well to burn a gold candle.

In the mental realms Gold is said to help your connection with the inner source, the Universal One, the Higher Power. It also said to help guide mental powers in a positive way. Gold is said to heighten luck and strengthen the development of personal capabilities and talents. Divination rituals are said to receive strong positive energy from burning a gold candle. When looking for guidance for change, group situations, noble or philanthropic purposes, meditation and prayer with a Color Gold candle is said to help give strong positive guidance.

Planetary Associations: Gold is aligned with the Sun.

Stone Associations: Gold candles are best used with amber, golden tiger’s eye, topaz and citrine.

Best Day To Burn On: The color gold is best to burn on the day of the Sun. Burn gold candles on Sundays to garner the maximum potential of this color.