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Color: Green Candle

Color GreenColor Green has long held a dual meaning in mankind’s associations. Modern vernacular is peppered with colloquialisms that prove this point. Jealously is a green-eyed monster; someone can be green with envy. Color Green grow the bushes, growing green (referring to making money), etc. These trite and oft repeated phrases are indicative of the emotional response of the human animal.

With it being the color of the planet Venus, Color Green carries sway over emotions, especially love.

In regard to burning green for health issues, those with high blood pressure would do well with this color. Those with ailments affecting either the respiratory system or the heart, viruses (especially flu) bronchitis, chills, fevers, sweats and colds. Color Green, due to it’s association with the earth, is thought to be a color of grounding and connecting. Thus, it helps with emotional or psychologically enhanced disorders such as addictions

Color Green color of the goddess of love, Green has long been associated with candle rituals involved romantic and/or emotional issues. Sympathy and empathy also come into play here and one may do well to request more of either of these traits in their lives by burning a green candle. Those who are looking for a new love to come in to their life may well help open the door to possibilities and potentials by burning a green candle while focusing thoughts on being open to receive a new love in one’s life.

Many people recognize the direct correlation between the color green and the printed paper money of the United States of American. When your currency is referred to as “greenbacks” it isn’t much of a stretch to use the color green in candle focus work to help with monetary issues.

Color Green is a balancer. As the plants use the creation of green (photosynthesis) to create their energy, thus helping to maintain a balance of substances in our atmosphere, green is a good color to use for grounding and focusing especially on prosperity matters, so man can use the color green to help them bring balance and harmony.

Potent for healing, natural world rites, herbs, gardening, tree magic, personal growth, growth or development of a situation and healing, Color Green is a rich focus color that helps you to reconnect with your inner focus and guide.

Planetary Associations: Green has long been associated with the planets Venus and the Earth (in her productive meadows, massive forests, and green expanses of steppe and prairie). It should be noted that Green is also normally used to represent Mother Earth or “Gia”. Those wanting to perform healing rituals for Mother Earth would do well to burn Green Candles in their ceremonies.

Stone Associations:
Use with jade, cat’s eye, olivine(peridot), malachite and emerald.

Scent/Incense Associations: Green is associated with the scents of pine, vertivert and the flowery primrose.

Best Day To Burn On: Green can best be capitalized on by performing your ritual on Green’s strength day, Friday.