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Color: Orange Candle

Color Orange is not as popular a color today as it once was, this solar affiliated color still carries considerable power.

On a healing vein, the Color Orange warmth and masculine probing, positive energy is said to help with a variety of ailments ranging from the pain of arthritis or rheumatism, to increasing slow pulse, or relieving gall bladder and kidney stones, cramps of all types and allergies. It is said to have such a positive effect that it will even strengthen an individual’s immune system.

Color Orange holds many associations. It is considered a color of fertility, hospitality, emotional growth and warmth, calms the mind, helps increase intelligence, alertness and adaptability.

A vibrant color orange is aligned with aspects of life including attraction, stamina, energy, mental agility and acumen. It is said to help encourage adaptability, prosperity, creativity, and enthusiasm. Orange is believed to help one gain control over oneself or a situation. It is said to bring good things and changes one’s luck. Orange also discourages such traits as laziness.

Color Orange energy is much less potent than Red energy, but it is of much the same type. Focusing on such aspects of life such as motivation, attracting positive energy, making smooth adjustments and transitions along with nurturing, burning orange candles would help maximize the potential.

It is believed that when you want to attract good friendships, positive connections and friendly and warm people, Color Orange candles are a great way to do so. Hostesses would do well to place small candle groupings of warm orange color around the house for a great energy assist for an absolutely FAB!! Party.

Planetary Associations: Orange is another one of the colors that is strongly associated with the sun. Many cultures align the planet Mercury with holding sway over this rich color.

Stone Associations: To heighten the power of the orange candle, use amber, orange agate, coral or carnelian.

Scent/Incense Associations: Orange is associated with the other fruity scents of peach and pineapple.

Best Day To Burn On: To get the maximum benefit of the color orange’s energy, burn your color orange candle on Sundays.