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Color: Purple Candle

Color PurpleColor Purple has long been associated with leadership and royalty. The Romans valued the Color Purple because of the cost to produce the dye to make purple cloth was not only high in money, but difficult to obtain physically as well. Due to it’s price and difficulty to produce purple was associated with those of the upper levels of the socio-economic scale. Many sumptuary laws (laws specifically about who can wear what) forbode those “not of royal blood” from wearing this color.

With an association directly to the Ceasars of Rome, traits like leadership, authority, composure, and responsibility are all easily associated with this “royal” Color Purple. Additional traits associated with the color purple are those of spirituality and psychic ability along with dignity, wisdom, and idealism. Color Purple is definitely the color to burn when you want to meditate, do scrying work, astral travel or past-life regressions.

Color Purple is the color to burn when trying to connect with your personal powers. When strengthening of your psychic manifestations and spirit contact is needed, purple is the color to burn. Purple candles can also help with garnering success, making progress, obtaining protection, achieving honors, idealism and spiritual protection.

Color Purple is the color of spiritual protection. It is the color of protection against the dark arts such as Black Magic, a jinx, a spell, or a possession. Those seeking protection on the spiritual plane would do well to burn a purple candle.

Planetary Associations: Purple is associated with the gas giant Jupiter.

Stone Associations: Purple’s energies can be heightened when used in conjunction with the following stones: purple kunzite, bornite (peacock’s eye), sodalite, sugilite, and amethyst.

Scent/Incense Associations: Purple’s vibrations resonate well with the scents of jasmine, thyme, myrrh, and sandalwood.

Best Day To Burn On: Color Purple is best burnt on Thursday.