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Color: Red Candle

Color RedColor Red with it’s correlation with the planet Mars is an active color with plenty of energy to give. Considered good for raising blood pressure and improving the circulation (due to it’s color association with the blood), anemia and many other blood ailments, the color red is a long-used healing color. Besides its modern sexual connotation (Red Light District), Color Red is also aligned with fertility and helping with dispensing sexual dysfunction, especially impotence. The far extremities, the feet and the hands when suffering pains can be helped by the burning of a red candle.

Vitality, vim and vigor are all color Red’s to give. Representing the Southern quarter of the circle and the associated element of fire, red’s importance is easily seen. Mars gives red its masculine positive force. Probing and feeling, red comes to you in times of need for protection against a psychic attack. Burning a red candle and focusing on the light can make a wonderful and powerful psychic shield against such attack.

Color Red reminds us of the light of the sun, the blood in our veins, the color we see in anger. Red is associated with sexual potency and desire, passionate love and lust. The traits of courage, will power, strength, vitality, bravery, zeal, and appropriate emotion are all within the realm of Color Red.

Passion and sexuality along with strong emotions (seeing red) are aligned with this Color Red, so be sure to be aware of your intent when invoking its energies. When one is incensed with anger the phrase “seeing red” comes to mind and just think about how bad our thinking processes are when we are angry! This should be a warning that Color Red, although normally protective, can have a less than desired effect if used inappropriately and without proper attention and caution.

Color Red offers protection from the members of the fairie realm who choose to try to pull pranks on you.

Planetary Associations: Mars, the Red Planet; aligned with the god of War and the emotions o f anger, energy, love, vitality, power, strength and courage.

Stone Associations: Stones that heighten the many faceted use of this wide-ranging color are red agate, red jasper, obsidian, pyrites and garnets. Rubies could be used as well, but the effect may be more intense than intended so caution is strongly encouraged.

Scent/Incense Associations: Of course, the flower of love, the rose is associated with the color red. Vanilla and patchouli are both scents that have a long history with the color red.

Best Day To Burn On: In order to get the best benefit possible from burning your red candle burn it on a Tuesday for maximum effect.