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Color: White Candle

The color white represents healing due to its ability to synthesize all colors into a crisp, clean whole. Light and clear vision, along with quick energy belong in the purview of White.

All colors together in perfect harmony gives us the color white. No hue out of balance, no tone off by just a bit. Balance of color and self are represented by the color white.

It should be noted that white candles are actually the great universal as one can substitute a white candle for any of the other colors in times of need. If the budget is tight, get a pack of emergency candles. They’ll be a great affordable candle to use.

White is the color used to complete total mind, body, spirit healing as its vibrations are already that of integration and blending. A natural pain reliever, white light can also create a strong psychic shield. The white parts of the body – bone, teeth, brain, and breast milk are all resonated with the color white.

Cleansing, protection, purity, encouraging truthfulness, harmony and focus; meditative clarity and all types of virtue, the highest levels of personal spirituality; all these ideals and values are activated or resonate when white is used.

Planetary Associations: The Moon, whose white face has shown down on Earth for millennia, is the planetary body that controls the color white.

Stone Associations:
pure white stones from the waters (especially the sea), clear crystal quartz, zircon and diamonds.

Scent/Incense Associations:
Sandalwood, sage, frankincense and myrrh (combined) are scents associated with the color white.

Best Day To Burn On:
In medieval heraldry white was the non-metallic representation of silver. With that association it is easy to see where the Moon holds sway over white. Hence, you would get most benefit out of burning white on Moon’s Day, or Monday.

Please review silver, black, and gray for more perspective on the differences between the various colors.