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Color: Yellow Candle

The color yellow is the east, the air. With this association it is easy to see how the color yellow is connected with communication, intellect and imagination. Yellow can bring or signal sudden change. Yellow is connected directly with the mind, the mind’s eye and mental exercise.

Encouraging activity and movement, color yellow candles will help to move a stalled project off the sandbar. Skills, commerce, diplomacy and counseling are all within the auspices of yellow.

Stimulating the nervous system the color yellow’s warmth is healing. It improves memory and capability for concentration. For those with dermatological problems yellow has been helpful with such ailments as eczema. A healthy metabolism is encouraged by yellow. Yellow is said to calm and lower stress, thus improving health.

Planetary Associations: Yellow is associated with the messenger planet, Mercury – named for the Roman messenger of the gods.

Stone Associations: Best used with yellow jasper, topaz, yellow calcite and citrine, yellow resonates well with these stones.

Scent/Incense Associations: Rosemary, Anise and orange are the scents that are said to help heighten Yellow’s effect.

Best Day To Burn On: Yellow is most potent on Wednesdays.