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How much communication do we really miss from the reality around us? We have done a great job making ourselves comfortable. We’ve built houses with light at the flip of a switch or turn of a dial. The radial light from our cities makes it difficult to see even the most prominent of the constellations in the night sky unless you travel far from the city center. We get in our cars and drive on the freeway to work, rushing to get where we need to go. We drink water we get out of bottles or that’s been filtered or treated. We are so used to our modern conveniences we forget we are connected to the earth upon which we live. Getting out in the “wild” is now an event – a family getaway or a summer vacation, instead of a daily occurrence which kept us connected to the wider force of life around us.

Many times, because of our disconnectedness, although we see the message or messenger we don’t understand its meaning or Omen. Have you been seeing a lot of a specific species of bird or animal? Are you seeing a flower growing way out of season or way out of its natural habitat? The same idea also carries through with those of the animal kingdom. Is there a color that seems to be jumping out at you? Have there been strange and unusual happenings in your life? Is it even really an omen? How do you tell? If it is an omen, what the heck does it mean?

Reading omens and the messages that life sends to us is part of what we do here at Black Rose Spiritual Center. We’ve seen the proof of omens in our own experiences and have been helping others understand the outer/inner messages for years. If we’re unfamiliar with your specific omen, we have a wide variety of reference material to conduct our search for you.

How the service works: It’s really easy. After payment, you’ll receive a receipt that gives you instructions as to how to submit your omen for interpretation. You’ll be asked a few questions in an e-mail (what is the potential omen, when did you see it, in what context, etc.). When we receive your response we will review your input and construct the interpretation. Interpretations normally run approximately 300 words and are available for $25.00.

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