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Learn about the different Modalities (methods) available for readings

To me modalities are the various methods and styles of readings that can be provided. I have used all these different modalities (or types) over the years in my reading practices. Please click on each modality to learn more about it. If it is listed here, I’m perfectly comfortable providing the reading to you in that way.

So if Tarot Cards make you nervous, well there really are Angel Cards that can be used. Norse? I have the Runes and know how to read them. Into Crystals? I can do that too. The “modality” represents the main conduit or connection I use with you for the reading. Try looking at the various ones and see what is available and what appeals to you. All modalities can be applied to any of our reading services ( e-mail and chat).

All of the Modalities offered are listed on this page below with in depth detail.

Our site offers in depth sections on several of the more popular methods.

Simply click on a subject of your choice to view.

Modalities available for readings