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Numerical Meaning Of Number One

1-numberTarot Association: In the Tarot Deck, like most playing card decks, the “ones” are called “Aces.” Aces are always very strong cards that talk about new beginnings in some form. Strength is generally a character trait that is found when the Aces show up. The Aces are aid to represent the most primordial form of the element they represent (remember, Tarot suits are aligned with the four elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water). Beyond the obvious significance for new beginnings, there is also an indication of being able to use the forces available within the element. Aces speak of planting the seeds which will pave the way to achieve the fullness of the ten. Aces are also said to signify the arrival of something new and powerful.
Kabalistic Link: The numeral one (1) is associated with Kether, the Crown. This is the first Serphirah and symbolizes the hitherto unmanifest at the point where it can become known to us. There is no solidity of form within Kether, only a state of inertia of the pure Being or Life; latent with Kether are both of the polarity energies – masculine and feminine. Pure Being stands behind and projects the manifestations. Here the pair of opposities have not yet declared themselves, as in Chokman and Binah; in Tiphareth they reach the perfect equilibrium that is sought. The one, in the 1-2-3 sequence represents the unity which comes before duality and then, into synthesis.

Pythagorean Description: Monad, or 1, is named so due to its stationary condition – separate from the multitude. Mind because of the mind’s capacity for preeminence and stability; Hermaphrodism because it holds the capacity for both feminine and masculine (male/female)Even and Odd for no matter what number you add the single one to, it changes that number from the state of Even to Odd or Odd to Even. God because it represents the beginning and the end, alpha/omega; but Monad itself carries neither beginning nor end; Good because Good is the innate nature of God; Monad was considered a receptacle because it has the potential for receiving, creating the Duad, which is essentially of the material plane. The Monad could be represented as the center because it was thought to be equal; between greater and lesser, intention and remission, it is center or middle. For multitude, Monad was the mean; in time reference, the time is now – the past is behind us, the future is before us, we exist in the now – eternity, which is difficult for humanity to comprehend (c’mon we have a hard time wrapping our heads around the time between us and the dinosaurs walking on earth…do any of us really understand or comprehend what a *billion* years truly represent?) has no recognition of past or future; eternity is an endless stream of the now. As Father and head of the pantheon of the gods, Jupiter was also given as a name for Monad. Vesta as the fire of the home is associated because Monad is considered to be located in the midst of the universe. Monad is neither good nor evil, and remains as if a circle, giving reach to neither side. As it circumscribes, terminates, and comprehends, Monad is the ultimate representation of the latent potential of physical form and is related to form. Being a number that was considered indivisible (1/1=1) it represents piety, love and concord between men. There were other symbolic names such as Mnemosyne, Polyonymous (many names), the god capable of changing his form at will – Proteus; and resembling the contained energy of the Monad is seen in association with a ship or chariot. In the Pythagorean Schools Monad was given lots of different names. Morpho (another name for Venus, Goddess of Love), Axis, Atlas, Lethe, Tartarus, Styx, abyss, chaos, obscurity, chasm and the Tower or Throne of Jupiter were all ways to discuss Monad. The reference to Jupiter is easily seen as the Throne of Jupiter was considered to be the power at the center of the sphere within which the planets revolved. As the origin of all the thoughts that ever were (and, hence, by extension all that will ever be) in the Universe, Monad was also called germinal reason. As the primordial one it was also referenced with Apollo – again a direct solar correlation; Prometheus called the light giver because he is said to have brought man light to illuminate the darkness of the night; Pyralios, who resides within fire itself is aligned with Monad; without existence nothing can be, the potential of existence and numbers is held in Monad, giving it the relation to geniture; substance – substance is primary; the cause of truth; and the musical connection with numbers is expressed in the descriptive term “constitution of symphony.” The Pythagorean School held that One was the end-all and be-all. From the One came all other numbers (1+1=2; 2+1=3; etc.). A modern way of interpreting the Pythagorean belief of the One is to think of the One as the source of the Big Bang theory of Universal creation. It contained all the vastness of power in its primordial state. It represented the essential Unity between all that is (and everyone thought George Lucas had a new idea with “use the Force, Luke.”) the interconnectedness of all things (we are all Star Stuff). It was considered the all-embracing force, strong, active, elemental, the One was the predecessor of the world. The One in the sequence 1-2-3-4 was said to symbolize the flow from the point to line to surface, to solid.

Agrippa held that the One was the origin of all things, the One was God, the One was all. On the Physical Level it represented the left as seen in the numerical sequence 1-4-7.

General Characteristics:In modern Numerology the One personality is considered to be the natural born leader. Blessed with the gifts of energy, enthusiasm, diligence, intuition and self-reliance (with some courage and bravado thrown in), Ones are great to lead a team through to conclusion of the project. However, Ones have their down sides too…too much of anything is not a good thing; One personalities should beware the natural inclination to bossiness, aggression, uncooperativeness, selfish, egotistical and negative.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: Those who carry One for their Fadic number should look for the lessons of how to wisely guide others who following willingly. Ones purpose is much the same as it is associated with Leadership. Ones normally succeed because they have learned. The mistakes and misguided efforts of youth will give way to a stable and solid maturity. Ones succeed because Ones are willing to do the work.

Challenge; Personality; Name; and/or Destiny Number: Relating to the self and the reasoning of the mind, those with a Challenge Number of 1 are independent people who prefer to rely upon themselves than the aid of others. They have a tendency to take their assertiveness to the extreme of brashness, but it is normally well intended. Sometimes overly self-indulgent (Ones should beware of additions) Ones have a flair for the dramatic, but are definitely the leaders that their Number indicates.

Life Number/Fate Number: People with a Life Number of 1 are bold. They don’t wait around for chance to happen for them, they create it with their innate talent for imagination and powerful energy. Sometimes dominant (a caution for Ones), the pioneering spirit can always be found within Ones.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then nuances between the different birth days. Here are some of the differences of the actual birth dates: 1st – Those born on the First are the closest to the general description for One. 10th – Less independent, more willing to follow another’s lead, some indecision. 19th – Not nearly as egocentric, more easily distracted, balance between talents. 28th – Most talented of the Ones, lots of feminine energy, discreet in dress.

Lover’s Match: It’s often said that love makes the world go round. Here’s a quick idea of how you’re relationship will work out if your name number and your intended’s name number equate out to One. One is the Lovers. You two are tighter than tight. You can fight like heck all the way to the party, but you enter the door as a united couple (although the discussion may well continue on the way home). One relationships are often opposites attracting or birds of a feather so close to be as twins. To compute your love match number add your and your intendeds name numbers together and compute to a single digit as in all other examples. The single digit will give you an overall feel of how the relationship will go.

Here are pairings that create 1 relationships.
1 + 9= unconventional, flexible, bold steps, risk takers, mutual fascination.
2 + 8= mutual industry, companionship and support, willing to nurture each other.
3 + 7= psychic level connection, pushing and pulling, differences cause discord.
4 + 6= accord and agreement, mix of practical and logical, finding a way.
5 + 5= strong emotions – love or hate, one way or the other there’s no middle ground.


Numerical Meaning Of Number Two

2-numberTarot Association: The Deuces or Twos of the Tarot deck speak about the pure energy of the elements in early combinations. The Two speaks of easy partnerships because they are only in their initial phases and deeper blending between the partners is not needed at this time.

The Twos associate combinations in their first stages when things are easy and simple. The purity of unsullied ground.

Kabalistic Link: In Kabalistic theory, the number 2 is associated with Chokmah. Chokmah is associated with Wisdom and symbolizes the Crown of Creation. It is in the Two that the energy to move forward as a force to create is found. The first Three Sephiroth are called the Three Supernals. It is here that sexuality and sensuality in their primal forms are found because it is both cosmic and spiritual. It is between Chokmah which is primordial maleness and Binah which is the elemental essential essence of feminine that the web of life is woven. Chokmah is the great stimulator of the universe – it is regarded as the ultimate positive male force. The Two was emblematic of Unity, Duality and Synthesis.

Pythagorean Description: The numeral Two was referred to as the Duad. Two was considered to be the numerical representation of strife and audaciousness. Two was considered to symbolized the flow of energy and/or thought from point to line to surface to solid. This is seen when you think about writing a number step by step. First, you place your pen or pencil on the paper (point) then you draw (the line) which creates a mark (surface) which when properly completed presents you with a number – a “solid” abstract representation. To Pythagorus and his followers the Duad was imperfection because it could be divided. By being divided it could only become lesser than itself was the proposed theory. Because of its association with separation it was felt to be symbolic of ignorance because it is through separateness that we become ignorant of our fellow man.

The Duad was considered feminine, receptive. The duad was the all mother, the life giver (for 2 can be divided to two separate wholes). As the feminine Goddess figure Duad has been related to a wide range of goddesses from Juno (wife/sister of Jupiter); Erato (a Muse), Isis, Venus, to Phrygia and more. Another reason for the Pythagorean negative association with the number two was due to its association and representation of polarity. To mirror the creation light of the One, the Two must represent the darkness for it is the One’s opposite. However, the Duad could not be entirely negative (for nothing ever truly is completely one or the other) and as the mother figure she would also be the mother of wisdom. It is wisdom that takes ignorance from the darkness into the warm light of understanding.

Called Maya, the underworld, or below world of the Pythagoreans was a mirror image of the above. It was the sea, the water, the transmutive. The great Void was held in the potential of the two. The Magi Of Persia carried mirrors to symbolize their searching for the inner knowledge by reflecting the light of knowledge from above.

Disputes and discord were aligned with the Duad. “It takes two to tangle,” as we have often heard. Balance could only be established with the institution of the Monad between the Duad in order to achieve a balance. Christian theology displays this Monad/Duad association with the placement of Christ on the Cross between two thieves.

Due to its dualistic nature, Two was considered negative to the Pythagoreans. One was the ultimate Truth and Understanding, realizing one’s point and association with the line of life. Duad was what kept one tied to the material world. The obvious sexual connotations and the negativity they received from ascetics is not to be understated. Connection with the higher power was sought. The Duad, through its connection with the physical (and by extension, material) world, was thought to be the anchor that held man down from achieving his higher self.

Pythagoreans’ disgust with the number Two and the negative connotations that go with it carried forward through the centuries. Even as late as the 16th Century the great geomancer Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, was still giving Two the strongest of negative connotation in his commentaries.

Agrippa connoted the Duad with marriage and communion, but alternatively with division and evil. Agrippa continued the negative aspects of the Two by giving it the Emotional Level (primal and uncontrolled) base.

General Characteristics: Modern Numerology isn’t nearly as harsh on its interpretations for Twos as the ancient Pythagorean symbology ascribed. In modern numerology Two is associated with emotion. Your receptive caring nature can get you in trouble if you allow yourself to be gullible as a Two. Patience, cooperation, working together as a team and trustworthiness are all aspects of personality associated with those with a Two Life number. You can be diplomatic if you so choose, and you normally are as you are receptive to those around you and willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Twos are the personalities that can tell you where to go (and I’m not talking about a nice place) in such a way that you look forward to the trip…until you think about it for a while. Tact is the watchword for Twos.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: As a Fadic Number, Two indicates that you are well suited to employment where you have lots of contact with other people. You are definitely more of an emotional thinker and because of that you have to be wary of those willing to take advantage of you.

Challenge; Personality; Name and/or Destiny Number: Two represents marriage and partnership along with imagination. Sensitivity in a wider sense is normally present. Romantic and caring in nature Twos are sometimes easily taken advantage of. Twos are considered to be emblematic of harmony and concord. The smallest of all “groups” Two is the helper, the true co-worker. Normally gentle and mild in manner they can seem like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde because of the negative qualities of being indecisive and overly critical of people. The Two is the type that will give lots of help and then suddenly withdraw with no explanation.

Life Number/Fate Number: Those with a Life Number of Two are normally found to be passive and receptive people. They harmonize easily with others around them and tend towards being emotional. The Two personality normally lives more in the emotional aspect of life than any other. Their deepened sense of emotional feeling makes them an easy target or mark for a con artist. A lesson for those with a Life Number of Two is that they need to learn to relax. It doesn’t all have to be done today.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then nuances between the different birth days. Here’s some of the differences: 2nd – pure protective, sensitive and feeling; good memory; may hold a grudge 11th – complex, strong female/feminine characteristics, strong personality 20th – ultimate touchy-feely; tremendous capacity for caring for their fellow man 29th – difficulty with choices; idealistic and sensitive; giver to mankind

Lover’s Match: Luckily, the negativity that Pythagoras and his followers gave to the number Two has faded through time. Many numerologists today assign Two with the significance of the ultimate partnership, the pairing of the perfect one with itself to make a greater whole. Here are some quick descriptions of how some of the pairings that end in Two are expected to interrelate.

1 + 1 = Sparks are sure to fly – either together or when you don’t see eye to eye.
2 + 9 = Intuitive understanding; mutual sensitivity; feelings easily hurt; insecure
3 + 8 = Good times; good conversations and discussions; generosity of spirit
4 + 7 = Physical and psychic connection; small sparks that grow to hot flames
5 + 6 = Lively conversation; mutual sacrifice for the betterment of the pair


Numerical Meaning Of Number Three

3-numberTarot Association: In the Tarot, Three is the number of completion. The Threes represent strong creativity through the element to which the suit is aligned. These advancements brought through creativity tend to lead to development and growth.

Kabalistic Link: The Number Three in Kabalistic study is Binah, Understanding, the Throne. Benah is feminine (Negative/receptive) and as such is able to receive the positive flow from the Chokmah. She is the great Mother of the Universe, but her sterner side is shown by her being at the top of the pillar of Severity, for the embodied spirit sees death on the horizon as soon as it is born. With the descent of life into form sorrow and death are a part of the experience. As a seed which is planted and tended actually dies to bring forth the life of the new plant so that it may grow and multiply, so Binah is the death for Chokman and truly does belong atop the Pillar of Severity. In numeric linear equation 1 – 2 – 3 the digit 3 represents synthesis.

Pythagorean Description: The Triad was considered the first actually odd number (monad, or one, was not always considered a true number). With the Triad comes the unity of the Monad and Duad. The Triad stood for justice, and this allegory holds true even in the modern judicial systems. The Supreme Court is comprise of nine justices (3×3), the number of jurors at a jury trial is normally 12 (3×4). There are actually three main players in a trial – the attorneys, the jury, and, of course, the Judge. Again, the Triad. A spiritual correlation for the Triad in the Christian sense is the Triad of “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.”

As the Pythagoreans pre-dated Christianity, it should be noted that for them the sacredness of the Triad came from it’s being comprised of the Duad and Monad. You cannot have the Triad without its subcomponents of Duad and Monad. By combining the two initial elements of numerics, you come to the Triad. The Triad was sacred for the components that combined to make the Triad. It was believed that the triad was the number of knowledge. Music, geometry and astronomy were said to come from the Triad. (A chord is normally a combination of 3 notes played together.) The keywords that were given to exemplify the Triad were peace, virtue, friendship, justice, prudence, piety and temperance. The Triad was sacred and carried great power. This is evidenced by the Gods to which it is associated. Saturn, who was the Ruler of Time; Latona; Conucopiae (abundance); Triton, Ruler of the Sea; Tritogenia, Achelous, Thetis; and the Furies, Fates and Graces. Triad is considered to symbolize wisdom because it is the human condition to perceive and organize things as past – present – future. It is through learning the lessons taught by the past (both our own and that of cumulative history) and the experiences we gain in the present (again, both as an individual and as a part of a macrocosm) are what create the ability to more forward into our future. Forseeing the future was thought of as looking ahead. By incorporating the lessons of the past into a positive present we may set the stage for a greater future.

The Triad cannot be discussed without mentioning its geometric associate – the Triangle. The Triangle was sacred. It was the creation of Monad and Duad, who were understood to be Divine Father and Great Mother. The Triad is considered androgynous because it is of both masculine and feminine and carries traits of both. In Pythagorean theory it was believed that God gave birth to His words out of Himself, and it is He that is always symbolized by the Triangle.

In the Pythagorean linear theory of 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, the Triad symbolized the surface in the flow from point to line to surface to solid. Aristotle is claimed to be the one to tie the concept of “Many” to the concept of Three. Signifying multiplicity and fertility, the fullness of life, the Triad was believed to channel positive energy. In the more modern Western world, the Triad is considered a mystical number because of its representation of the idea that the Thesis of One (the God or God figure) combined with the Antithesis of Two (which is man). The importance of three as a number has lasted with us through the ages. Of course, the Christian Triad (Father, Son, Holy Ghost); the genie in the bottle is to bestow upon his releaser three wishes; turning in three circles for good luck; one-two-three – GO!; in some belief systems it is believed that the harm you cause others comes back to you three fold. Even our children’s nursery rhymes tell us about the prominence of the number three – “three blind mice.” Many of the focuses used by those of the Wiccan belief system are based on a system of three. Three was considered to be an especially powerful number and in some way or another the idea of three or the triad is in many of their focus works (spells).

Agrippa agreed with the Pythagorean ideal of the Triad indicating that the Three stood for the Trinity, for wisdom, for the knowledge of the individual and knowledge of mankind as a whole.

General Characteristics: The Three is the first of the numbers on the “mind level” of a numerological analysis. Multiples of three; six and nine, finalize the row of the “mind level” in an analysis block. Threes tend to be happy and fun-loving, enjoying the good (and finer) things in life. Creative and optimistic they can be great starters. Threes tend to do well in occupations requiring creativity and artistic expression. Many Threes (more so than other numbers) find a calling in the spiritual or religious professions. Threes have been accused (sometimes rightfully so) as being overly flirtatious, scatter-brained (Threes do seem to prefer to live in the moment), extravagant, and sometimes cynical and manipulative. Your temper can get you in trouble, especially when your creativity and beliefs are questioned. Threes tend to be lovers of life in all its aspects. Whether it’s a leather bound copy of their favorite book, or a silk tie, fine crafted work will appeal to you – because you, as a creative person, appreciate quality work. You love a good time and if one isn’t happening you’re willing to make one happen. To ensure you don’t squash your strong traits of exuberance and creativity make sure your professional choices allow both the exuberance and creativity to be used to their best advantage. Used well they are excellent tools; allowed to sit and fester without attention they will erupt around you!!

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: Those with a Fadic Number of Three must ensure that their enthusiasm and vigor needs to be tempered with common sense and reality. Its great to dream big, but big dreams take big work to manifest. However, you don’t have any trouble seeing the moment and seizing the opportunity when it comes your way.

Challenge; Personality: Name and/or Destiny Number: Three as your Challenge Number ensures that you will have the vigor and creativity to see your projects through. Sensitive and sociable, you seek out the company of others and enjoy (sometimes to a deep need) receiving accolades for your efforts. Normally expressive in very creative ways you are sometimes misunderstood. Threes are strong-minded and independent sometimes to a fault. Not easily satisfied with the run of the mill, the Three personality expects nothing but the best! Like all of us you were “raised to reject rejection,” but Threes tend to take rejections far more intimately than others. Sometimes needy and attention hounds, Threes when unbalanced can be difficult to deal with. Luckily, Threes tend to be optimistic and look at the bright side of life.

Life Number/Fate Number: Creativity is put into everything you do because that creativity is such a part of you. Constantly on the go you prefer an active life over being a couch potato! Independent (sometimes to a fault) you will fight hard to maintain that independence. Your idealistic nature may have you championing a worthy cause – whether its helping the neighbor on hard times or making a difference in a larger scale – you will find a way to help. Your versatility is a plus in both personal and professional lives.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then nuances between the different birth days. Here are the break-downs for those with a Three for their Psychic Number:
3rd – Action, ambition, knowing what you want and how to get it, creative thinking.
12th – Ambivalent, complex, active, extroverted, enjoys a world of variety and fun.
21st – Similar to 12th (numeric reverse) more receptive and introverted; creative.
30th – Great personal creativity; uncontrollable impulses; driven; action,motion.

Lover’s Match: When you add the numbers of two people together you can get an idea of how the relationship may go “by the numbers.” It’s a quick and easy way to see if an employee will fit in to the new office, or if that new love might just be what you’re looking for! Three is a very important number when it comes to relationships. In fact, the number 3 indicates that the romance will never die…there will always be plenty to do and lots of love to share. Of course, butting heads will happen, but the make-ups are going to easily put the discourse behind you. Here are some of the specifics of how the Three combinations work in a romantic relationship:
1 + 2 = mutual giving; give and take; looking out for each other’s needs.
3 + 9 = It’s Love, what more do you need? Busy, creative & social; good mates.
4 + 8 = intellectual connection; mutually career ambitious and supportive, strong.
5 + 7 = either it is, or it isn’t. You either pair immediately, or learn quickly to not.
6 + 6 = Forget the Sevens and stick with the Six! Love, laughter, and great times.


Numerical Meaning Of Number Four

4-numberTarot Association: The Fours stand for stability. The Fours talk about having achieved a certain amount of structure through the element to which the Four is aligned. The Four can carry a warning that one is not being attentive enough or is not applying enough effort to create the situation they hope to manifest. Fours talk about sturdiness (or lack thereof by reversal). The Four is also associated with The Emperor, the man who rules competently and well over his domain.

Kabalistic Link: The Four is the first of the Sephiroth in the Lesser Countenance of the Cosmos on the lower plane. The Four is called Chesed. Chesed stands for Mercy and Majesty. We can call Chokmah the “initial seed” in the abstract. Chesed has the same force of energy but in a more solid form as the loving father figure, the protector and preserver. Chesed is the masculine protective force. Chesed is the King who sits upon his throne and holds both scepter and orb. He is the kind benevolent ruler who guides his population with love and wisdom. Chesed is aligned with the abstract idea and he can even select images that fit his needs to bring them down into the concrete plane of Malkuth.

Pythagorean Description: Four was the Tetrad.  It was considered to be the pimogenial number. It was the root of all things. It was considered the most perfect of numbers because of it’s inherent balance and stability.The Tetrad was considered to be emblematic of God because it is symbolic not only of itself, but of the numbers (1, 2, and 3) that came before it.The Tetrad was considered to be the middle of the week, the center of marking longer-term timescales.

The Pythagoreans called 4 the Number of Numbers because it was the final of the numbers to create the “decad” or 10. (1, 2, 3, and 4).To throw the geometry in, the Tetrad was considered to be the first actual geometric solid. With the Tetrad full existence could occur.Pythagorus is reported to have believed that the four powers of the soul – sense, mind, opinion and science – were represented by the Tetrad. The Tetrad connects all things and all beings in its most elemental of forms. It is the first solid. It is the perfection. The Tetrad affects all things – beings, elements, numbers, seasons, etc. Everything that was real could be related to a factor of four. The Tetrad is the Maker and Cause of all things. Through the Tetrad God was formed; through the Tetrad and intelligence of God, celestial and sensible good was brought forth into the Universe. The Tetrad when multiplied to Nine (4×9) you come up with 36. This happens to be the number you arrive at when you add the odd numbers (1, 3, 5, and 7) and the even number (2, 4, 6, 8); you get a total of 36. This was the Tetractys – also called the world…but on a bigger scale. Due to it’s high status in the Pythagorean School, not near as many gods and goddess from other Pantheons are aligned with strong and stable Four. A few that are carry great strength: Vulcan, Mercury, Urania (Muse), Bacchus (hey, ya gotta know when to have a good time), and Hercules. The Tetrad was said to represent the secondary colors and the minor planets in the solar system. The roots of Masonry are seen with the combination of Four (the square) and Three (the triangle) on their Masonic Aprons.The Tetrad was considered a strong number aligning strength and virility to the individual. Impetuosity is possible. In the Pythagorean system, the Tetrad represents the solid in the progression 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. This progression symbolizes the flow from point (1) to line (2) to surface (3) to solid (4).

Agrippa aligns the Tetrad with the traits of solidity, performance and foundation. In the numeric square, the 4 is the second number of the Physical level of 1 – 4 – 7, hence the 4 is the representation of the physical center.

General Characteristics: Fours tend to be enduring because of their stability. Whether in relationships or careers, once a choice is made by a Four, the choice rarely changes. Responsible and stable you carry the weight of others easily. Normally neat and efficient in both personal and work habits you are one that many look to in order to be able to achieve stability. Logical, honest and loyal, you support 100% when you commit to a cause. Don’t let your positive traits of reliability and sturdiness turn into stodgy and boring. Fours can allow themselves to fade into a rut if they forget to see the individual trees within the entire forest.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: As your Fadic number, Four tells you that your independence is well placed. You will prefer challenge and activity – even up to uncertainty, and are not afraid to rise to the challenges put before you. You are resourceful and quick on your feet, but self-control can be at issue for you. Fadic Number Four indicates that your challenge in this life is to learn to use your self-discipline to enforce and temper your courage. Sometimes its wise to wait and see just why the Angels fear to trod there!

Challenge; Personality;  Name and/or Destiny Number: The Pythagorean meaning of the solid matter of the Number Four is still recognized today with the Four representing form and matter. Logical and secure you are one of the first ones to see the best path to a goal and are sometimes mystified why others don’t see what is so apparent to you. Material gain will be important to you, but not the end all be all of how you measure your life. The challenge placed before you is to ensure that you remain aware of how you treat your fellow man. Do not let competence become self-righteousness; nor should you allow your natural intelligence allow you to disparage others whom you feel are less

Life Number/Fate Number: You are a Four. You are stable! But, like the table whose four legs are out of adjustment is wobbly and rickety, you can loose your equilibrium if you aren’t careful. Your logical approach to life and everything in it is seen in your practical problem-solving skills and your ability to see the easiest solution quickly! Some of your friends may even refer to you as “Mr. Spock” because your logic is always impeccable. You don’t spend a lot of time up in the clouds. Consolidating what you have here is your challenge and you work in a down-to-earth manner to achieve that goal. Your reliability is at such a height that it can become a “liability” when you have too many relying
upon you. Use that practicality to draw appropriate boundaries.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then nuances between the different birth days. Here are the combinations for Four birth digits:
4th – practical and responsible, dependable unto stodgy, introverted, solid.
13th – decisive and earnest; intellectual, analytical, masculine energy.
22nd – excellent match of intellect and emotion; feminine, passive, potential.
31st – much like the 13th, but with fewer difficulties, strong desire to act.

Lover’s Match: If you take the root main name numbers for each individual in a relationship of any type, you can get a general idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and the relationship. It’s a great tool for hiring professionals to see how an individual will fit within the corporate structure too. Here we focus on lover’s relationships. The Four relationships tend to incorporate partners who are the example of opposites attract. However, with the stability of the Four, the distance between the individual characters of the partners is not in danger. Once a Four relationship has been committed to by both parties, you might as well start shopping for something to wear to the wedding/joining ceremony, because it’s going to happen. Once they realize that the love between them is true and sound, the combinations that sum out to a Four are blessed with a relationship that is sound, solid and stable. You both enjoy the challenges and strengths you each bring to the relationship. With a solid foundation you are both comfortable in allowing the other their space for growth with jealously not being a factor. However, nuances abound and here are some in the romantic pairings that end in Four:
1 + 3 = balance between emotion and reason must be maintained; strong bond.
2 + 2 = privacy, stability, foundation, tradition, living the simple life w/ each other.
4 + 9 = perseverance, working together, team work, either it is or it isn’t – no gray.
5 + 8 = establish rules; plan spending; free spirits connecting; meeting at center.
6 + 7 = chemistry works; bound by tradition and caring; strong emotions; heat.


Numerical Meaning Of Number Five

5-numberTarot Association: In the Tarot deck the Fives are always messengers of unusual demands or challenges. Whenever a Five appears in a spread, the individual is sure to be tested within the boundaries of the suit within which it resides. Difficulties are associated with the number Five which is felt to be a point of imbalance and instability. Five in its most positive sense shows us the challenges we need to face to move forward on our path. It is the simple fact that we must face these challenges to move forward that cause discomfort for many with the number five.

Kabalistic Link: Five is the second of the Lesser Countenance of the Cosmos on the lower plane. With its focus on growth and abundance, the Lesser Countenance says much about us and our life path. Known as Geburah in the Kabalistic hierarchy it represents both strength and severity. Geburah is not the loving father as displayed in Chesed. Geburah is the warrior King ready to mount his chariot and lead his legions to war. He commands respect. There are ramifications for wrong action and inappropriate behavior. Chesed is needed in times of peace, but when challenged Geburah steps forth. Here is the fear of the Lord and of the law which is the beginning of achievement of true wisdom. Geburah’s destructive force is the same that allowed the Phoenix to burn and then rise from it’s own ashes.

Aligned with Vishnu (preserver) and Shiva (terminator) Geburah and the more moderate Chesed are as indispensable to each other as Yin and Yang. One builds and the other breaks down in an endless cycle of balance. Here we find the warlike qualities of the planets Mars and Saturn on the lower arc. Geburah is associated with the Tarot suit of Swords…double-edged, they can cut both ways.

Evil is perceived as many things, but in Kabala it is defined as misplaced force; misplaced in both time and place (or space). Appropriate and timely force is appreciated. Untimely or misplaced force creates discomfort. Geburah also teaches the rule of sacrifice. Many environmentalist who study Kabala focus on Geburah because Geburah is the ultimate representation of cause and effect. In our modern lives we use words like growth, expansion, advancement to talk about change that we enjoy. That which we don’t we consider destructive (because it makes us uncomfortable). However, Geburah teaches that you have to take a little of the bitter with the sweet. Geburah talks of the appropriate balance in all aspects of your life. Love can be a blessing beyond compare; allowed to degenerate to obsession, it is a dangerous situation indeed. Balance in all things is attributed to the message of Geburah.

Pythagorean Description: Pythagorus and his followers called Five the Pentad. It was recognized as a point of balance because it was the union of both an odd and even number. It was called “equilibrium.” The number Ten was considered to be the perfect number within the Pythagorean theory. By being able to divide the perfect number perfectly in half, Five held importance on a wider scale.

Many modern Wicca uses the Pentagram as an outward expression of their faith; like the Christian wears their cross, and the Jew the Star of David. Most do not realize the associations of the Pentagram are much older. The Greeks held that the Pentagram was the sacred symbol of light (now you know why most kids learn to draw 5-pointed stars as one of the first continuous complex lines they create). Said to represent health, many sacrifices were given to the Gods in factors of five when a petitioner was sick. The Pentad was related to the Fifth Element (not normally recognized as an element today) of Ether. Ether is free, Ether holds no relation, correlation, nor subjugation to any of the other four elements. Ether is considered to be the first of the higher elements, capable of escaping the bounds of the first four “earthly” elements.As the point of balance the Pentad was considered to represent the high and the low; the beginning and the end; the fulcrum and the plow; Five (along with Six) is one of two numbers that even when multiplied by themselves (or squared) that the original digit remains in the far right position of the result. (i.e. 5 x 5 = 25). This gives a positive growth factor, even if the growth was not expected at the time.

The Pentad represents the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. Without the extremes we would be unable to find the area we considered the center. Without knowing heat how can we understand cold? Without the understanding of sacrifice how can we understand abundance? These are the challenges inherent in the Pentad.

The Ether was considered the ultimate spiritual. Ether was in and around all things. By the very fact of existence one interacted with ether. The Pentad, the Five, was associated with those seeking mystical knowledge and inner meaning. Ether, the basis of vitality and life, the soul essence, the absolute, was a spiritual link to all the other elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Even today we refer to someone “slaying dragons” when they are approaching a difficult task. The root of this symbolism lies in the deep past when philosophers would represent the earth under the symbol for a dragon. Many heroic stories speak of the strong man, normally in the vigor of his youth, told to go forth and slay the dragon. The allegories relate back to the Pythagorean theory that the monad (the sword or weapon of the hero), is forced into the body of the dragon (the Tetrad), from there is formed the pentad. In all the stories the Pentad is achieved because our eager hero is finally faced with the choice between material gain and doing the right thing. This is normally a representation of good winning over evil; caring over apathy; love achieving where hatred failed; the achievement of the spiritual nature to a position of prominence above the material nature.

In the Bible there are four rivers that pour out of the Garden of Eden. These four rivers are believed to be direct representation of the four elements and the ether that runs through them all. Christian philosophy recognizes the elements by assigning them to the realm of Ezekiel, a Cherubim composite who watches over the elements of matter. Remember that 5 is the great balancer. Through balance, through understanding of the extremes, through the process of wisdom one achieves a higher state of thought and existence.

For Agrippa the Five was the number of justice. Justice assumes proper balance. Justice, not law, is the great equalizer. (Ever notice how the words justice and law don’t even share a letter?) On the numerology block, the important of balance represented by 5 is obvious when seen in the context of its central location within the block. It is also the center position of the Emotional Level (2-5-8) in analysis.

General Characteristics: Fives are often seen in the entertainment industry or motivational speakers because their enthusiasm is contagious. Whether it’s a new project at the office, or finally getting everyone to pitch in and get things ready for the change of seasons, Fives bring a balance and enthusiasm that soon has others ready to jump on board and help with the endeavor. Friendly and passionate, they are sometimes seen as overly emotive. Definitely having a flair for the dramatic (when they so choose), Fives can also fade into the woodwork when need be. Normally popular and enjoying the congenial companionship of groups, Fives are great communicators and “small-talkers.” But don’t discount Five as being nothing but a “small-talker!” You’ll end up loosing in the bargain. Many who have underestimated a Five have rued the day. Freedom is important to Fives as they must follow their own inner path. Adaptability to change (and helping those who deal with it less easily) is one of your greater strengths. Fives are willing to take risks and do what they feel is the right thing, no matter the cost, because of the very idea that it is the right thing to do. As we all know, the right thing and the easy thing are rarely one in the same; that’s why appropriate choice and balance must be maintained. You may be a bit of a ditheree-do and scatter your energy here and there. Planning isn’t your forte and you prefer to enjoy your life rather than plan it. Fives are also said to be exceptionally spiritual people because it was through the power of Five (the ether) that God was able to link humans into the collective will. Hence, it is through the Five that our connection with the higher power is solidified.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: As a Fadic Number Five represents those with a wander lust. Restless by nature you prefer travel to putting down roots. You’re a great “idea” guy or gal, but not the best choice to be project manager on a project with a hard dead line. The lesson for the Five is that you do need to learn to see things through all the way. By starting but never finishing, you deny yourself the true rewards of long term efforts seen through to achievement. Your challenge is to learn how true and long-lasting those rewards can be.

Challenge; Personality; Name and/or Destiny Number: Normally friendly, lively and popular you know how to charm people, and you are charmed by them as well. You enjoy travel and feeling the movement under your feet whether in a car, train, plane, snowboard or jet ski! It’s the act of movement that you crave. Your natural perchance for courtesy gets you through where others would be reprimanded. Your capability for incorporating change makes you easy to get along with. However, your changeable nature makes it difficult to cement strong long term relationships.

Life Number/Fate Number: Those who are fortunate enough to have Five as their Fate Number are blessed indeed. For Fives things seem to come easily. Fives seem to have a second sense about everything and they apply it across the board – most times without even realizing they did so. Your love of freedom can be awe-inspiring because you will fight tenaciously to defend it. Your personal resourcefulness (both inner and outer) allows you to give free rein to your curiosity – which can sometimes get you in trouble. You crave the finer things in life (but are willing to work to get them). However, the downside is that you are probably more prone to overindulgence and/or addiction than most others. And, once caught in additive acts, habits, consumptions or behaviors, it is difficult for you to change the habit. Appealing to your curiosity is normally the best way for others to gain your attention. The spirituality of Five is not ignored in the Life/Fate computations. Many who have taken on a spiritual calling for their life’s work are Fives.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then nuances between the different birth days. With a base of Five they all share similar attributes, but there are differences that should be noted:

5th – heightened senses (major 5); generous; eager; spaciousness; willingness.

14th – combination of ego and logic; balanced; discriminate use of senses; detail.

23rd – sensitive and active; dynamic and creative; balanced; spiritual; in tune.

Lover’s Match: A Five relationship is interesting to say the least. “Never a dull moment” probably wouldn’t even come close to defining these relationships! Five relationships are always unique and differ from the norm. Don’t look for your standard Ozzie and Harriet Nelson situation here. Those committed to a Five relationship will make it work, but the reason it works is because both partners have been allowed to do it their way.
1 + 4 = slow start, long commitment; comfort; push-me/pull-me; companionship.
2 + 3 = communication; appropriate behaviors; always getting to know you more.
5 + 9 = lots of distance but when you’re together that’s all you need; loyalty; love.
6 + 8 = good team; communication flows; solid union; never tire of each other.
7 + 7 = mystery and chemistry; remember to be lovers as well as friends; couple.


Numerical Meaning Of Number Six

6-numberTarot Association: The Six in the Tarot deck is associated with usability. After the first initial five, the Sixes signify movement into more mature ways of thinking. The Sixes exemplify the beginning of true knowledge and wisdom within the context of the suit to which it is aligned.

The Sixes can indicate a shift or change within the associated suite, but one that develops growth. Within the Six is the concept of equivalent exchange of alchemy; the give and take of life; the ideal of reciprocity.

Kabalistic Link: The Six is the third of the Lesser Countenance of the Cosmos on the lower plane. Named Tiphareth, Six was aligned with beauty, harmony, and a sacrificed God. Tiphareth rests on the center pillar of Equilibrium. It maintains the balance of Kether below and that of Yesod on the high plane. Tiphareth is a division point. Below it are the three Sephiroth known to represent the lower self (personality); above Tiphareth is the true individual or higher self. When we make a sacrifice of any type (physical, emotional, or what have you) we take one form of expression and transform it to another. In order to achieve the higher self we gladly sacrifice our time for meditation; our money for education; and accept the bounty of our accomplishments. The accomplishments are normally those that the Greeks would have attributed to having been brought to you from the ether. In Tiphareth, God is made manifest in a physical form and walks among us. As we get to know the son (Tiphareth) we’re introduced to the Father, Kether. This brings perfect equilibrium for the mediator or redeemer is always striving to bring balance to His Kingdom by reuniting the higher with the lower. When an incarnated god is sacrificed, a huge amount of energy was believed to be released for in the sense their sacrifice is for the betterment of the people, the release of their energy through their sacrifice will bring equilibrium to the forces.

Helios, Osiris, and all the gods of the Sun are also said to reside at Tiphareth. The Sun and (science has proven) the Moon give life to the planet. Consciousness of God (Tipharet) allows us to connect with the sources of ultimate abundance and ultimate vitality. Religion stops at Tiphareth, leaving no grasp of creation and the great mysteries within reach.

Pythagorean Description: Pythagorean thought was that 6 was the perfect number. Said to be the number that Pythagarus himself studied the most, there is little known as to the inner beliefs of what such an important number may have meant to the sect as a whole.

Called the Hexad, Six is said to represent creation (remember, the Bible states that the Creator rested on the Seventh day). Called the perfection of all the parts by the Pythagorean school it was called the form of forms, the maker of the soul and the articulator of the Universe. Sacred to the God Orpheus and also to Lachesis (Fate) and Thalia (one of the Muses) it symbolizes the essence of the ultimate potential and realization all in one.

The mathematical equative reason for Pythagorus’ obsession with six is easy to see. The divisors of Six (One, Two, and Three) when summed equate to Six itself. Hence, Six includes all and encompasses all. Six stood alone as a perfect number to the Pythagorean Sect.

Agrippa associated the number 6 with creation, labor and service to mankind. It was considered to sit in the middle of the Mind Level of the number block, bringing balance between intellect and emotion.

General Characteristics: Flat out, you’re inspirational, you can’t help it. Although you can appreciate a well-crafted item, to you it is an item and has much less worth than the more important things in life such as love, caring and service to self and fellow man. Generous sometimes to a fault others may well try to take advantage of your caring nature. You prefer harmony to discord, but will approach the confrontation and get it over with rather than dither and hope it will all somehow go away. Graceful in your carriage and consideration of others, you are a patient and steady friend. Your idealism may be a little too high for the taste of others, but it suits you well – just don’t try to force those standards on other people. Intuitive and philosophical you can enjoy a lively discussion on just about anything, although it is doubtful that anyone will change your mind.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: Adaptability is one of your strongest traits. You can easily go from climbing mountains to social gatherings in an hour to change. You make friends wherever you go with your charming manner. You have a tendency to squash your own wants and desires, sacrificing without intention, for the happiness of others. This causes tension that builds up over time and like the earthquake that shakes the firmament of the earth, the tension can be released in catastrophic ways. Try not to allow subjugation of your personal desires to become standard. Sometimes, yes; always – no.

Challenge; Personality; Name and/or Destiny Number: Sixes are helpful and considerate. Willingness to serve mankind is very strong. Home, hearth and family are where the heart is for you. Idealistic (sometimes to a fault) you are affectionate to those you care about. You can be diplomatic and comforting with those you care for or a stranger you feel needs a helping hand. You can be a perfectionist, much to the dismay of those around you, and your caring can turn to possessiveness if not kept within appropriate boundaries. The challenge for Sixes is to not fall to the negative of your number – don’t allow nosiness and gossiping to displace human compassion and caring. Don’t allow busy-body to push aside the words of others. Sometimes the challenge is expressed as an inability to allow commitments to be met or responsibilities taken care of.

Life Number/Fate Number: A Life Number of Six indicates an individual who is concerned, sometimes overly so. Creative and nurturing this is normally a person who is willing to help out when the chips are at their lowest. Idealism is strong in the Six personality and those that become friends with Six know they have a true friend indeed. As a Fate Number 6 makes life difficult because it makes it more challenging for you to find the love that you crave and desire. (In other words, Sixes can tend to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to the world of romance.) Be careful in your decisions! You know what you want, make the right choices for you, not someone else.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then there are nuances between the different birth days. There are only three equations in the monthly calendar that equate to a 6. Here are some of the differences between them:
6th – harmony; peace; long range thinker; can see the entire big picture
15th – more aware of resources; easily distracted or diverted, ego overrides
24th – sensitive and rational; balanced and forgiving; peace of mind achieved

Lover’s Match: When you equate out to a Six, you equate out to harmony, and that ain’t bad! Although neither one of you would be voted the most likely to stay at home on a Saturday night before meeting each other; that’s the way it’ll be once you start the relationship. It’s easy to want to stay home when you’re happy with the one you’re staying home with. Contentment and peace are emblematic of the Six relationship. You will work hard together to create a home that suits your tastes and lifestyle and your mutual enjoyment of the finer things in life will show in your home! Here’s a quick reference for relationships that are a Six!1 + 5 = better paired than apart; intellectual match; domestic together;
2 + 4 = may resist marriage, but will commit nonetheless; strengthens over time.
3 + 3 = chatter boxes forever; once you mesh you are a moving force; never dull.
6 + 9 = magic; love in the air; pay attention to details or beware; heart-to-heart.
7 + 8 = enduring and patient; striving for perfection; mutual reach; energies mesh.


Numerical Meaning Of Number Seven

7-numberTarot Association: The Sevens in the Tarot deck talk about application of individual style and effort within the suits to which they belong. By achieving a level of maturity you find strength and personal power within the suits element because of application and lessons learned.

It is said that when all four Sevens appear in a Tarot spread the questioner is due for challenges which will need to be overcome and cannot be avoided.

Kabalistic Link: The Fourth of the Countenance of the Cosmos on the lower plane, Netzach leads the spirit to Victory through force. The victory need not be a military one, nor even a physical one. It may be a victory of one within the self. The victory represented by Netzach is the victory of achievement and not chance. This Sephirah contains two simple, but essential, ideas. One, power or force – this is exemplified by its association with Mars. Two, beauty of form and function – this is exemplified by its association with Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Love. The love between Mars and Venus is told in some of the most ancient of myths with their pantheon. Emotions expressed through art – sound, color, texture, taste, is the realm of Netzach. Netzach is the artist specifically within us pouring energy into Yesod.

Pythagorean Description: It is truly with the Seven that the deeper philosophical meanings come into play in the Pythagorean associations. The Heptad, as Seven was called, was worthy of veneration. Seven was held as the number of religion (it is interesting to note that many religious belief systems incorporate seven into their mythology or belief systems – don’t forget there are Seven main Chakras). The Seven celestial bodies controlled man in his course and connection with the Universe. Seven was the number of life. It was believed that a baby born in the seven month of pregnancy had a much higher survival rate of those who were only born a month early.

The Heptad had many associations, mostly aligned with masculine energy, it speaks of fortune, custody, control and government – but in their positive aspect. Judgment, dreams, voices and sounds are aligned with Heptad. The Father figure is associated along with Minerva.

Many ancient civilizations revered the Heptad. The Jewish Elohim were counted as seven. Spirits of the dawn, they are more commonly known as the Archangels who were thought to control the planets. These Seven Archangels, when combined with the triad of the sun (life, death and rebirth) create the Sacred Decad. The Pythagoreans great truth was that all things were regenerated through the Decad (10), the Decad began everything again, building on the Nine that came before. 1 + 0 = 1 so the Decad held the sacredness of all there is, has been or ever will be. Without the Heptad (wherein the spirit, mind and soul descending into the firmament of the earth) there could be no perfection. The Heptad also signified recognition of the mystical nature of man. A threefold spiritual body is incorporated into a fourfold material form. The cube, six surfaces with an inner point, is strongly symbolic with Seven. The surfaces of the cube represent the directions. Whether you use the ego-centric descriptions of front, back, right, left; or the cardinal directions of the compass – east, south, north, west; or even the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air; the primary points of reference or the sides of the cube are easily related to directional focus. From there you of course have the additional three of up/down; right/left; above/below. The final part of the equation is surrounded by the One. The upright walker, the thinking human, the ape who walks on two legs, Heptad combines them into a cohesive whole when merging to the Center. The Center is the holder of all. From where you are, from your center is how you determine your directions, distances, and the dimensions of your universe.

Agrippa simply aligned the number 7 with life. It is the final number in the Physical level progression in the numerology block.

General Characteristics: Sevens are what many refer to as “deep” people. They tend to be contemplative and thoughtful. They have a strong spiritual focus and introspective bent that allows them to achieve their lofty spiritual goals. Tending to be observant, you are the quiet watcher, and you don’t miss much. Considered modest by your peers, you are sought out for advice because you are analytical and truthful. Even in youth you have a spiritual center that provides you a strong and steady foundation for you to explore your life from. As you traverse your path you tend to vacillate between a spiritual path and a more physical one. Beware becoming the brooding loner in the corner everyone is afraid of approaching. Your perchance for self-indulgence can push away those whom you care about. A social butterfly you know how to foster entertainment and enjoyment no matter where you’re at. At your worst, secretive, moody and difficult are descriptive of your nature. However, as long as you choose and/or prefer to see a brighter side of life, your optimistic nature will pull you through.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: With a Fadic number of Seven you are truly blessed. You have the ability to grasp opportunities to turn them to the greatest of advantages. You don’t leave much money sitting on the table in negotiations, nor do you settle for less than 100% from your life. Your spontaneity gets you in trouble because you may not complete all the important connections in advance. This results in leaps and stops, spits and starts, but not steady momentum. Your lesson with a Fadic Number of Seven is to learn how to realize what it is you really want and create that reality for yourself.

Challenge; Personality; Name and/or Destiny Number: Your spirituality is up front and you don’t need to hide it. Your innate intuitiveness and clairvoyance keeps you well ahead of many of the pitfalls that befall others. You are willing to go within and do the deep meditative work that brings true spiritual growth. You are capable of understanding what Thomas Moore was trying to portray in his often quoted work “Utopia.” Because they understand themselves so well, Sevens are willing to help others. However, bitterness and betrayal can crop up if you don’t ensure appropriate balance. Some perceive the Seven personality as distant and withdrawn even to the point of being cold. Sevens spend much of their time inside their own head…not being self-indulgent, but being self-aware on both a spiritual and physical sense.

Life Number/Fate Number: A life number of Seven indicates that you tend to be more of a thinker than a doer. It’s not that you’re a total slouch, you just prefer to be more of a watcher. By watching you are able to capitalize on the strengths found in observation and analysis. Your creativity finds an outlet in unusual ways, allowing many to see your inventive side. You prefer contemplation to confrontation. Reflection is a part of your life, through reflection of activities and actions – both your own and others – you are able to incorporate and analyze large amounts of information to add to your store of knowledge. Fate Number Sevens focus on the spiritual side of their nature. Whether latent or recognized, the gifts are there. Many Sevens don’t even realize they have the gifts because they are such an incorporated part of who they are as a whole.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then there are nuances between the different birth days. Because of it’s Psychic Associations, the Number Seven needs to be carefully considered in it’s equational components:

7th – particular unto picky; responsible and reliable; sometimes judgmental; ego
16th – awareness of resources; craves harmony; less tolerance than most;
25th – emotional combinations; success through limits; adjustment for success

Lover’s Match: A lovers’ number of Seven may make perfect sense to the people within the relationship, but you normally leave others scratching their heads, wondering how you two ever got together in the first place. Sevens always meet under unusual circumstances. Seven couples are not only in touch with each other because normally the bond is made immediately, they are also more in tune with their place in the greater Cosmos.
1 + 6 – communication is key; learning and teaching one another; deep feeling.
2 + 5 – rocky road; reassurance is needed frequently on both sides, tenuous.
3 + 4 – home, hearth and family featured; creativity and optimistic views; loving.
7 + 9 – influential and inspiring as a pair; spiritual and emotional connection.
8 + 8 – love or hate, no middle ground; understanding; negotiate & compromise.


Numerical Meaning Of Number Eight

8-numberTarot Association: The Eight is a card of intensity within the realm of the suit to which it belongs. Intensity is truly brought into play with forethought and intention, apply effort in a serious way in order to move forward toward a state of solidity and permanence. It should be noted that the Tarot does give recognition to the fact that an Eight laid on it’s side is the symbol for infinity.

Kabalistic Link: Eight is Hod. Eight is splendor. Eight is intelligence in all its guises. Without form (another facet of Eight) there is nothingness. The left Pillar, Hod is considered passive or feminine in its energy. It brings the force of the right Pillar and creates form with it. The upper Three Sephiroth form a triangle (a symbol of power) pointing upward; the next three the same shape points downward indicating individuality. The third, which also points down is manifestation including manifestation of the individual personality. Mercury/Hermes, the God of Science and writing of books, works in the mental realms As Netzach (Seven) is the inner artist, Hod is the inner scientist.

Pythagorean Description: Ogdoad, Eight. It is in the interpretation of the higher digits that many get lost in the Pythagorean system. Here the Eight is sacred because it numerically represents the first cube which had 8 corners in its physical reality. Eight was a special number because it was considered evenly-even (a very complex relationship system of the Pythagorean cult), the only number so below the perfect ten. Equationally it is represented as: 8/2 = 4, 4/2 = 2, 2/2= 1, 1/1 = 1. Thus is the Monad reestablished, forever reempowering itself from the
computations of all there is.

The Ogdoad was love. The two circles connected forming the whole of the 8, When lovers unit they create the perfect whole of the one of humanity in their coupling. Wise counsel is normally associated with the Ogdoad. The Eight is said to rule the law where all things must remain in balance. Balance is indicated in the physical form of the written numeral eight and balance is important to the Eight.

The Gods were affiliated with the Eight in many guises. Panarmonia, Dindymene, Rhea, Themis, the Muse Euterpe, Cadmawea, Ciblele and more are said to be aligned with the energies of the Ogdoad.The Eight was considered a mysterious number that was associated with older mysteries such as the Eleusinian of Greece and the Cabiri. It is said that the shape of the figure of the numeral was derived from the twisted snakes of Hermes’ Caduceus; or it may be serpentine motion seen in celestial bodies. The Moon’s nodes have also been brought into the associations. Referred to sometimes as the “little perfect number” much of the time of the followers of Pythagorus was spent studying this number and its properties.

Agrippa saw the figure Eight as fullness and balance. The fullness was emblematic in the closed circles which could hold abundance. The balance in the form of the two circles, stacked one upon the other, stable and divine. In the Numerological Block, the Eight is the highest digit in the Emotional Level of the block, indicating deep emotions and strong feelings.

General Characteristics: The number of connections (the two circles do touch), Eight is also the number of winning endeavors. A strong sense of business acumen guides you through the corporate hallways with ease. You are ambitions, but realistic in your ambitions innately knowing that you are the master of your own destiny. Creativity is more of your nature than you care to admit. Inner knowings or feelings that you don’t understand are your intuitive nature coming to light. Beware the sin of Pride because it does go before the proverbial fall. Careers requiring detail appeal to the Eight personality.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: You have the patience and the wisdom to understand that true rewards come after slow and steady progress. Your determination and industrious nature make obstacles easy for you to surmount with aplomb. Your challenge is to learn how to be able to take advantage of the persistence to continue to plod forward, step by step, to a long term goal.

Challenge; Personality; Name and/or Destiny Number: The main challenge faced by those who have a Challenge Number of 8 is to learn how to integrate material success while attaining personal spiritual enlightenment. Generous and determined you are trustworthy and your friends well know it. Responsibility rests easily on your shoulders as your excellent organizational skills make the additional tasks of upholding the responsibilities easy for you. You work quietly and patiently with every aspect of your life. Your ambitions and talents are coupled with a hardworking attitude that ensures success in your endeavors. You need to beware of allowing your natural personal power turn into manipulation of others. Beware the tendency to reach for just a little more power. Remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Eights can be their own worst enemy and do much to sabotage their own efforts. As an employer Eights can be perceived as meticulous and even a slave-driver. Balance in monetary matters must be obtained because you have a natural tendency for obsession about money in its physical form.

Life Number/Fate Number: A life number of Eight carries with it a responsibility. As an energetic person you understand that effort in has much to do in the equation of the results. You can persevere, ensuring the final outcome. Naturally authoritative, others sometimes perceive you as a know-it-all. Your spiritual essence is not far from the surface and your inner light shines through in all that you do. Your sense of responsibility is a factor in all aspects of your life.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then nuances between the different birth days. Here’s some quick descriptions of the various birth dates:
8th – hard to pin down; spiritual and secretive; a loner, private; don’t reveal much.
17th – less extreme; limits always considered; aware of ego; comes to terms well.
26th – high-flying, high-faluting; great care; intellectual creativity; balance.

Lover’s Match: When the life numbers of the two members of a couple are added together and reduced to a single digit, that digit can say much about the relationship between the two individuals. Eight on a lover’s match is the happy couple, the partnership, the blending of equals. You move through life together, learning from one another as time goes on. Here are some of the more intricate points depending on your Eight Equation.
1 + 7 = takes work and effort but allows for great rewards; deep understanding.
2 + 6 = collaborative efforts, warm and understanding couple; caring and able.
3 + 5 = some confusion before understanding; communication; risk-takers.
4 + 4 = caring and follow through; industrious partners; security; tangibility.
8 + 9 = takes work but karmic; give and take; work through issues to success.


Numerical Meaning Of Number Nine

9-numberTarot Association: Nines in the Tarot deck speak of long lasting and substantial expansion of the underlying element. Whether emotional, sensual, mental or material the Nines bring a warning and a blessing. Studying the Nines is a study in looking into the inner self.

Kabalistic Link: We have come to Nine, Yesod, the store house of images and the foundation of all that is. Yesod is the receptacle of the emanations of all the other Sephiroth. It transmits these emanations to the physical plane. The function of Yesod is to purify the emanations and correct them when necessary before they are passed down the the Malkuth – the earthly plane. Yesod holds energy – the energy of integration of meshing, which in turn coordinates the physical at its most basic form of molecules and cells, into definite organisms. Creatures of life, plants and minerals are all products of the Yesod. Yesod is the sphere of Maya. Of illusions, magic and psychism as distinguished from the religious mysticism of Tipareth. This is the Sephirah we first encounter when we try to rise above the purely physical – Malkuth. It is, in a sense, the great subconscious filled from time immemorial with the images that we may encounter in our first initial attempts at the going within from meditation.

Pythagorean Description: The Ennead. The first number that is arrived at by the squaring of an odd number. Often associated with failure at the cusp of success, the Ennead is the number of man. Man is imperfect. By his very existence he exposes his frailties. The Nine exposes its frailties through its just falling short of the of the infinite 10 by the One. Ennead is the limitless number because there is nothing beyond it but the Infinite 10. Gathering all numbers within itself the Ennead was called both boundary and limitation. Referred to as the sphere of air it was purported to have surrounded the numbers as the air (we now call it atmosphere) surrounds the earth. Many Pantheons have a member that is aligned with the Ennead. Prometheus, Prosephine, Hyperio, Aglaia, Tritogenia, Juno, Vulcan and more were connected to Ennead.

The Ennead was considered as evil because it was a reversal of the Six. The Ennead was associated with the germination of life because of its close visual similarity with male sperm. In the Eleusinian Mysteries the Nine was the number of spheres a consciousness passed through before manifesting in a physical reality.

Agrippa saw the Enead as the cosmic significance. Since it represented the number of spheres it also represented the frame of the universe. In the block of Numerology, the Nine is the highest number in the block. Residing at the completion of the Mind Level the Nine was thought to represent the lessons we learn through pain and difficulty.

General Characteristics: Some refer to the Nine personality as the Entertainer. It’s actually a misnomer though because the Nine runs much deeper…like the Entertainer who hides their true emotions to portray those of the character they are playing, the Nine is a complex person. Mainly humanists, believing that Human Nature is the best of life Nines tend to think the best of their fellow man. Leaders with a broad-ranging scope of vision Nines are complex individuals. Loving balance and harmony you seek relationships that are strong and stable. Your desire for these qualities can make you appear selfish. Some accuse you as being overly aggressive and destructive, and you should watch against these traits. Caring, loving, wise and spiritual by nature you take your greatest strength through love. In Numerology Nine is sacred because it is believed that God used the Power of Nine to complete his work in the creation of the Universe.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: Those with the Fadic Number of Nine tend to have initiative and be willing to move boldly and decisively with little contemplation. Moments of crisis are not nearly as earth shaking for Nines. However the Nine can be frivolous and even risk security unnecessarily. Your lesson and purpose is to use the initiative that is so innately a part of you wisely for reliable growth of not only yourself, but mankind as a whole.

Challenge; Personality; Name and/or Destiny Number: A Destiny Number of Nine normally equates to an individual who chooses to serve mankind. Service to others and being able to help in times of need are important to the Nine Character. Nines signify endings and completions…things being done. Nines are normally determined to see things through, but are quick to forgive those who have caused them hurt. Dynamic and charismatic, you are still independent enough that you want to do it all on your own. Although you are an evolved soul, you are coming to a time of new lessons and growth. Self-control and intimate understanding of the self are called for and you are up to the challenge. Those who have blocked their own growth can degenerate into selfishness and bigotry.

Life Number/Fate Number: You are compassionate and feel the pain of others quickly and deeply – so much so that you are sometimes easy prey for those with lower scruples. You can appear impersonal because you sometimes approach life with a detached attitude that is somewhat abrasive to others. Your creativity gets you out of almost as many scrapes as your curiosity gets you into. You have a tendency for the dramatic, but you do it with flair. You must beware those who wish to lead you because your impressionable nature may take on the wrong impression.

Psychic Number: Your Psychic Number relates directly to the numbers in your date of birth. Since the numbers of days in a month are limited, there are a limited number of equations or dates that can be reduced to any specific single digit. There are those that are born on the date itself and then there are nuances between the different birth days. Nine is the last number of the single digits. It’s appearance before 10 portends change. Here are some of the distinctions between the various birth dates.
9th – psyche is hard to asses, low awareness of ego; ingrained habits are strong.
18th – more conscious of the inner self; greater awareness of life; active player.
27th – capability of high achievement; transformation that brings growth and life.

Lover’s Match: Here we arrive at the last of the lover’s numbers. From here forward all numbers can be reduced to a single digit. As the culmination of all that has come before the Nine relationship is strong and solid. Wisdom of understanding is incorporated into the relationship and the connection between you is a karmic one that cannot be denied. Here’s a brief overview of how your lover’s numbers complement to Nine:
1 + 8 = mutual inspiration; courage and perseverance; focused team with goals.
2 + 7 = different ideas that spark imagination; appreciates strength, willingness.
3 + 6 = style and grace; kindred spirits; mutual interest; self-mirrors-self growth.
4 + 5 = tangible results encourage more efforts; lifetime companions in freedom.
9 + 9 = overpowering attraction; depth of feeling uncontrolled; closeness is full.


Numerical Meaning Of Number Ten

10-numberTarot Association: The Tens in the Tarot deck represent the absolute maximum in manifestation of the quality of the element to which they belong. Tens hold power of fullness and depth within their suits. As the firm and fully developed manifestation, the Ten can mean achievement or failure, whichever, it is the infinite of possibilities.

Kabalistic Link: Ten is the Malkuth, the stability of the Kingdom as a whole. The stability of stableness. This Sephirah, at the base of the pillar of Equilibrium represents the entirety of the physical world. It receives energy from all the other Sephiroth, through the purification of Yesod. It is in Malkuth that we see the division of the four elements or substances – Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Yesod the form-giver depends on the manifestation of the physical substance represented and contained with Malkuth. According to the occult teaching, man descends involuntarily from Kether. As he travels through the Sephirah as he descends, he picks up the functional aspects of his personality and learns about his inner truths. When he arrives at Malkuth he has come to the Kingdom of the Physical World which is the current end of the Divine pattern. Although life on the plane of earth is meant to be lived and enjoyed, there is learning to be done as well. Having fallen, the soul development must continue so that each may again traverse and learn to control the self before he or she attempts to ascend the ladder of the Sephiroth to again rest in the arms of Kether.

Pythagorean Description: The Decad, 10, is the greatest of numbers in the Pythagorean School. It was the tetractys (10 dots) and comprehended all that was in arthimatic form. The Decad represented ending and beginning. Being a perfect number, the Decad was applied by Pythagorus and his followers to those things relating to what is considered the higher realms of thought and experience: age, power, faith, necessity and memory. Those aspects that truly make us who we are. The Pythagoreans divided the bodies in the heavens into ten separate orders. The Decad perfected all numbers and comprehended all things. It held within itself the nature of both odd and even, moved and unmoved, good and ill, the theory of opposites are held within the decad. Atlas, Urania, Mnemosyne, the One God, the Sun and Phanes have been associated with the number 10. Our ten or decimal based number system is believed to be created through the use of the fingers and thumbs on the hands being the first calculators. Man can easily understand the concept of 10, a finishing, to go back to the beginning to begin again at 1.

Agrippa held that Ten was completeness because any numbers from ten and beyond could be equated down to a single digit through summing the multiple digits.


Numerical Meaning Of  Number Eleven

11-numberThree Numbers are considered Master Numbers because they are duplications of themselves.

These three numbers are Eleven (11); Twenty-Two (22); and Thirty-Three (33).

Those who are graced with these numbers are led astray by the misnomer of Master Number. The energy from master numbers has a tendency to either be overpowering in strength or fraught with difficulties. Seemingly an endless series of ups and downs from battle to battle, these numbers would be better called Challenge numbers. Because they are blessed with additional gifts (as discussed in their individual essences), they are required to give more of themselves for the greater good. The Master Numbers were not part of the Pythagorean theory of numbers, but have been added over the years as numerologist seek deeper understanding of the nuances of numbers.

General Characteristics: The Eleven is intuitive an idealist who can get themselves in trouble because they care. Trusting and patient the Eleven can wait out most. Having high expectations and expecting the best of all you can be led astray. You can be too choosey at times, allowing your inner needs to be suborned, but not for long. You are an inspiration and can be a nurturing teacher.

The Eleven is considered an orientation toward the spiritual. There is a pre-disposition to a stressful mode of living when one has a Master Number of 11.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: A master number of creative energy, the Eleven holds the promise of worldly success. However, Elevens need to understand how to utilize the force around them for the good of themselves and others.

Challenge; Personality; Name and/or Destiny Number: Elevens normally feel propelled on a mission to change the world or themselves. They can be powerful leaders who champion the common good. As an enemy they can be formidable. When you need to, your innate capability of persuasion gets you a long way. The visionary Eleven must beware of becoming an impersonal and bitter person. When in a leadership position, you believe in leading from the front and by personal example. You are sensitive and creative. Allow your inspirational way of engaging your energy with others to help create the life of your dreams.

Elevens would do well to study their final equative or single digit number (1+1 = 2).


Numerical Meaning Of Number Twenty-two

22-numberThree Numbers are considered Master Numbers because they are duplications of themselves.

These three numbers are Eleven (11); Twenty-Two (22); and Thirty-Three (33).
Those who are graced with these numbers are led astray by the misnomer of Master Number. The energy from master numbers has a tendency to either be overpowering in strength or fraught with difficulties. Seemingly an endless series of ups and downs from battle to battle, these numbers would be better called Challenge numbers.

Because they are blessed with additional gifts (as discussed in their individual essences), they are required to give more of themselves for the greater good. The Master Numbers were not part of the Pythagorean theory of numbers, but have been added over the years as numerologists seek deeper understanding of the nuances of numbers.

General Characteristics: With a Master Number of Twenty-Two you have an orientation toward the spiritual that cannot be denied. You have a pre-disposition for setting yourself into stressful situations, causing a roller-coaster effect on your lifestyle. As a Twenty-Two you constantly strive for ultimate balance. Harmony (essential balance in living) is important and you work hard to create it. Powerful and insightful your innate organizational skills help get you through the rough days. You are loyal to your friends and are optimistic about life in general and mankind in his totality. You must beware allowing your instability of nature (from which you garner much strength) to turn you cruel and fanatical.

Equational Associations

Fadic Number: The Twenty-Two as a Fadic Number indicates a striving for a cause without thought of personal reward. The Twenty-Two knows how to sacrifice. Considered the Master Number of Perfection those with a Fadic Number of Twenty-Two tend to be idealist who are humanitarian to their very core. They instinctively understand how things effect mankind as a whole.

Challenge; Personality; Name and/or Destiny Number: As a Twenty-Two you’re expected to be a strong achiever. One who makes it happen. You can become a compulsive worker. Don’t allow drudgery to control you when it should be inspiration. Your inner strength and courage make you a masterful individual. If you guide your path properly you can be a person of enormous achievement, but application of effort must be constant and true. You shine as a leader of a group, instinctively knowing how to make the group work as a cohesive unit. Your disciplined and practical nature grant you the power to change events around you.

Twenty-twos would do well to study their final equative (single digit) number (2+2 = 4).


Numerical Meaning Of Number Thirty-three

33-numberThree Numbers are considered Master Numbers because they are duplications of themselves.

These three numbers are Eleven (11);  Twenty-Two (22); and Thirty-Three.
Those who are graced with these numbers are led astray by the misnomer of Master Number. The energy from master numbers has a tendency to either be overpowering in strength or fraught with difficulties. Seemingly an endless series of ups and downs from battle to battle, these numbers would be better called Challenge numbers.
Because they are blessed with additional gifts (as discussed in their individual essences), they are required to give more of themselves for the greater good. The Master Numbers were not part of the Pythagorean theory of numbers, but have been added over the years as numerologists seek deeper understanding of the nuances of numbers.

General Characteristics: Thirty-Three is the last of the numbers we look at with specificity. This is the most difficult of numbers to have as your Master Number because it requires the most from those who have it. Nurturers and healers, you easily give to others what should be held for your personal reserves. You would never turn down a request for help, even if it meant far more work for you. An individual with a Master Number of Thirty-Three is normally oriented toward the spiritual in life, sometimes to their physical detriment. As a holder of a Master Number, you seem to crave the ups and downs life throws at you. Thirty-Three is a difficult personal number to carry. It requires you give nothing less than the best of yourself at all times. Never allowing you to slack, your rewards are spiritual enlightenment. You gain harmony in your partnerships as you approach them with new understanding. Thirty-Three is emblematic of karmic rewards.

Thirty-threes would do well to study their final equative (or single digit) number (3 + 3= 6).