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About the Love Runes

Gebo Partnership

gebobGebo is the rune of partnership and when it is seen in a spread it is a clear indication that a partnership of some form is at hand. The partnership rune also carries a warning to not loose yourself within that partnership. A partnership works because each partner contributes on an equivalent level. Keep some of yourself for yourself. Gebo announces to you that you have the freedom to be who you truly are and the need to hide behind the misconceptions of others is near an end.
Peace normally is engendered by Gebo and is well used to help bring successful love discussions. Gebo can be telling you that it may be your duty at this time to help others. Watch for a new relationship forming for you.

Wunjo Joy

wunjobWunjo is considered to be the rune of total love. It has come to symbolize that the time of work and toil and difficulty has come to an end. There is new energy coming for you and it may make a significant change in your plans. There is good fortune and the potential for home hearth and family to be warm, loving and fulfilling when Wunjo is present. Wunjo may indicate a possible physical attraction for a fairer skinned and haired member of the opposite sex. Wunjo always tells you that the relationship is the right one for you at that point in time. Listen to Wunjo’s message well to ensure you have maximum enjoyment of the life you have.

Tiewaz Warrior

teiwazbTiewaz is the symbol of the spiritual warrior. With it’s straight up forceful appearance, Tiewaz provides guidance in love. Tiewaz is telling you that it is your turn to enjoy the good times. You have overcome (or shortly will) the problems, changing the energy flows so that it points in your direction. Tiewaz indicates that things will turn out well. Tiewaz also indicates the love of a man for a woman. The strong physical response to those one finds attractive. Passions shall run high. If the casting is for a woman Tiewaz may well be indicating that she is loved by someone with a love that is strong and true.

Sowelu Wholeness

sowulobSowelu gives you the blessing of knowing wholeness, the completeness of contentment of knowing you are in the right place, and knowing your right place within the context of the greater world around you. Sowelu speaks to that which we require for our emotional and physical well being. Regeneration is just one of Sowelu’s many blessings. Sowelu speaks to you of lifting your face to the sun, allowing the healing warmth to suffuse through you. Sowelu tells you to let light into your life. Sowelu speaks of gain, advancement, winning, and victory. You should beware of overtiring yourself when using this rune, especially in the romantic love grouping! A decision may be in the offing…listen with the voice of your heart.