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The rune of Protection Algiz

algizbAlgiz carries the message of the benefits of protection found in emotional control. Although you can anticipate your path and you can see the progress you have achieved, now the wisdom of emotional control and deliberate determination is your ally.

Algiz is aligned with the mighty Elk, considered by many to be ruler of the northern climes. The old elk stands quietly, proud and noble.
Rarely does he resort to actually fighting with the young bucks, knowing that most will run as soon as he snorts and stomps a hoof. The Elk knows here the best food within his range is. He knows the does in his harem. The Elk is noble. He wisely waits to see what has spooked the less stout-hearted does. But when his delicate sense of smell picks up the scent of a big cat or the mighty grizzly the Elk knows it is time to retreat and onsolidate. The Elk knows that by giving ground one can actually be gaining.

Algiz – Protection

Algiz is one of Hagal’s Aett.

Key Word(s)

Keywords associated with Algiz are, of course, protection, reed, and guardianship. (Remember it is the reeds that protect the delicate creatures and plants of the swamps and marsh by providing a small barrier. It is upon the reeds that new land grows out of the wet areas).


Algiz is aligned with the element of Air, signifying that you should not get yourself bogged down in things that truly have no value.

Zodiac Sign

Algiz is aligned with the sign of the Fish. The Piscean energy works in conjuction with Algiz’s creative force.

Tarot Link

Algiz is linked with the Tarot card The Moon. While the Moon represents things unknown or hidden, it can also talk about intuition, the imagination, and the unfolding of latent intuitions.


The color gold is associated with Algiz. When you see gold, whether the muted tones of harvest gold, or the bright sheen of the metal itself, think to Algiz!


Algiz is a rune of true polarity, carrying both male and female energy.

Healing Property

As a protective rune Algiz is directly related to physical healing. It specifically helps with issues relating to headaches and issues of the brain including psychological disorders.

Modern Letter Counterpart

Modern Rune masters can’t seem to make up their mind on the Letter Counterpart of Algiz. Some say it is X or Z, while others give it a higher connection to the vowel E and the transitory letter Y.

Special Runic Associations

Algiz is one of the Runes in the Physical Healing group.

Algiz is considered to be an excellent rune to contemplate for meditative purposes. When Algiz appears in your casting it is sure to be telling you to hink rune-block-Algizabout things! Are you missing an opportunity because it isn’t exactly what you hoped for? Considered to be the Protection Rune, and a rune of ealing, when used correctly in meditation and self-introspection it can help achieve a state of enlightenment.

Algiz reminds us to be mindful of the physical house of our spiritual essence. Simply put, what that means is – take care of your body. For those of the Mormon faith (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and many other belief systems, the body is a temple of God. True believers of these systems are not allowed to eat or drink anything harmful to the body including such common substances as caffeine. This is a modern example of Algiz’s energy. By taking care of your body, treating it as a temple, a housing of your spiritual self that is connected to all you create a stronger self to move forward on your life path.

Algiz speaks of the more mature aspects of temperance and wisdom. Algiz may be attempting to get you to understand that there are others who are using your energies because you are allowing it to happen. Many followers of the Runes wear Algiz as a protection from the negative forces of the outer world.

Algiz carries a warning – if you find yourself experiencing a period of difficulty which is painful, be honest and stick with the experience. As you work through the issue, look around and evaluate what your part in creating the discomfort truly is. Are you shooting yourself in the foot without realizing it? Watch for new interests, but use your good judgment when pursuing them. Allow yourself to experience the lesson Algiz offers – your future beckons!